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Cerberon - Cerberon EP

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    You take one wrong turn after another until nowhere looks familiar and home might as well be a million miles away. It’s a dark, moonless night and the streetlights just offer small islands of orange light in an endless ocean of black. There’s not a soul in sight and you know that’s not right, there should be someone, somewhere but the roads, the parks, the subways are empty. Until you wander down an alleyway, scuffing your feet on the uneven paving stones in the near total darkness and see a silent figure waiting for you. Somehow you can see teeth glinting as they smile and start to walk towards you. Your legs become like water and you whisper that this can’t be real...but this monster is very real. And very hungry...

    The track ‘The Monster’ encapsulates everything about Cerberon’s self titled debut EP. The song strides forward with measured steps, guided by the deft touch of drummer Charlie Rees, while Blair Macdonald’s rumbling bass pumps blood into the demonic riffs. Conor O’Donnell’s vocals are a sinister presence, touched with a hint of restrained madness and the atmosphere is as dark as congealed blood. Throughout this venomous collection Cerberon keep you constantly on your toes, constantly unsettled. The songs never lead quite where you expect, keeping you guessing to the last, refusing to be herded or channelled. Rooted in traditional metal they may be, but Cerberon see things through different eyes and deliver their music with a cruel twist. Each track slips insidiously into the next, trapping the listener on an unnerving journey, from the teeth-grinding headbanger ‘Stroggified’ to the epic, powerful and melodic ‘Blood On The Mountain’ – a climactic conclusion that allows Chris Hagen’s lead work to shine like razor wire.

    Cerberon do not play well with others. They’re not like the others and have no wish to be so; their outward shape may be familiar, but there’s something beautifully, brutally wrong with this picture. A black rage bubbles through their veins, coursing through each brilliant segment of musical interplay, threatening to explode at any moment. Don’t walk home alone, because something vicious this way comes...

    Genre: Blackened Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Venom | Amon Amarth | Machine Head | Pitch Shifter

    Conor O’Donnell - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
    Chris Hagen - Lead Guitar
    Charlie Rees - Drums
    Blair Macdonald - Bass


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