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Chancroid - Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies

  • Chancroid



    Dark cellars and darker intent, the smell of rot so thick it coats your tongue. Lost hope and the residue of agony hang heavy in the air, entwining in the putrid atmosphere with the ghosts of blood, sweat and excrement. In the warped mind of its predatory inhabitant the shadows cloak a glorious kingdom of power and domination, where the downtrodden and abused is now overlord supreme; in reality those shadows hide a shameful, sordid pit of cruelty and inadequacy, of directionless vengeance for a thousand childhood tortures borne in tearstained silence. And soon the broken beast will return, with another receptacle for his rage and in the twinned realms of reality and dream the killing will continue...

    Hailing from Indonesia, where the underground music scene teems with sounds of insane brutality and extremity past the point of reason, Chancroid’s deviant death metal stands out for its blood curdling bludgeoning - even amongst those rabid, gore hungry hordes. A miasma of filth and horror hangs over their music, tainting the listener with its poisonous, perverted touch. To listen to their full length debut album, Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic is to be absorbed into a nightmare of violence and terror so overwhelming that it’s only with repeated listening that the mind is able to appreciate the wicked precision of the tumultuous riffs, the furious bombardment of the drums and the guttural grotesquery of the vocals. Beneath the scabrous, infection ridden outer skin lies a death machine of formidable power and dexterity. Chancroid’s sickening debut makes the majority of brutal death metal simply redundant. If you’re looking for the ultimate in disturbing, violent heaviness why would you accept anything but the most extreme expression of those twisted qualities?

    Brute! Productions welcomed Chancroid into their sanctuary for deviant souls and are now sending the elixir of fear that is Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic out into the world; to hunt, to rage, to torture and kill. This album will infect your soul and pollute your senses with an oppressive darkness that will leave you gasping for air and begging for release.

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Gorgasm | Disgorge

    Wira - Vocals
    Hendri - Guitar
    Arief - Drums


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