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Clades - Absumptus

  • Clades



    One amongst millions, one single burning star in the heavens, one light in the pantheon of evolution; yet one with a need to outstrip and outshine. A designated place within a web of life would never be enough for this flawed creation, infected with arrogance and delusion, the drive to survive growing and mutating into a lust for domination and destruction. All must be diminished in its gaze; all must enhance the existence of the one or forfeit their right to live. Each light of life flickers out - extinguished, consumed, by that insatiable alien hunger – until only the Morningstar remains, cold and alone, in the empty, endless night.

    As man has extricated himself from the entanglements of creation, severing the ties that bind him to nature and existence, declaring himself a ruler apart, a mad king that will damn all to destruction, so Clades stand apart from the various music scenes, the definitions of genre and the expectations that connect musicians and the devotees of their art. A decade in the making, debut album Absumptus is, in turn, both expansive and claustrophobic. It morphs through angular and distorted forms, challenging and confronting with stuttering rhythms and shocking shifts in tone and texture. It forcefully sheds the clinging skins of past inspiration and influence, constantly reaching for a place of freedom and imperious domination. Within the insistent, spiralling mantras of ‘Projection’ or the dark, irregular heartbeat of ‘Rumination’ lies a strange satisfaction, obtained through the transversing of bleak and punishing wastelands of sound. These songs stand outside the customary bounds of listening, offering a new perspectives, new angles and bitter new tastes. A fusion of the technical, the progressive, the dissonant and the extreme, Absumptus is not an album for those who cling to the well worn pathways like frightened children. Clades inhabit the shadowed places, where they feed on the fringes of reality, eating the certainties of existence one bite at a time, constantly growing in power.

    Presented to the world by InViMa Records in digital and limited CD digipak format, with a 12-page lyric booklet bundled with a sheet music and tablature book for guitar and bass, Absumptus stands alone; a fiercely independent creation. For those who embrace the sound of confrontation, who revel in the tearing down of accepted monoliths, who harbour secret, unformed desires to step beyond the boundaries...Clades await you.

    Genre: Progressive Dissonant Death Metal
    For fans of: Gorguts | Triptykon | Aeon Of Horus | Ulcerate



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  • Clades
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