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Cleansing Of The Temple - The Devil Knows My Name

  • Cleansing Of The Temple


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 12th 2024

    Tearing their way out of Clemson, South Carolina like a caged beast bursting through the bars of its prison, come Cleansing of the Temple, a deathcore/slam death wrecking ball of rage. Having already made a powerful impact on the underground scene with their 2022 EP, Slam 4 The Lamb - a collection of colossal riffs and uncompromising lyrics - Cleansing of the Temple are now poised to unleash their first full length album. A caustic display of all-consuming fury, the sound of desperation and unravelling sanity, The Devil Knows My Name is an intimidating display of nerve-shredding intensity. Follow us now, into the darkness…

    The Devil Knows My Name opens with the strangely unsettling introduction of ‘Farther Along The Valley’, which seethes with repressed dark emotion, gradually raising the fear-tinged anticipation for the oncoming annihilation…and then Cleansing of the Temple bring down the hammer – hard. ‘God Of Hate’ explodes into life with a gargantuan, impossible scream over pit-inducing rhythms before jarring, angular riffs shatter the structure, only to be eaten up by waves of absolute devastation. From here there is no way back, as the great lumbering beast that is title track ‘The Devil Knows My Name’ picks up your scent. Tortured screams and sewer-scouring, inhuman growls ride the filthy, sludge infected, doom grooves and you can feel the ground shake beneath your feet. The ensuing journey through the blasted sonic landscape is mercilessly intense, from the staggering, relentless anger of ‘Sardis’ to the hardcore aggression of first single, ‘I, Afflicted’ and the disconcerting, multi-directional attack of ‘Stained Glass Blues’, featuring a guest appearance from Brayden Gibbs of Candescent. However, the absolute crowning glory of The Devil Knows My Name comes with the climactic ‘Where Does Darkness Dwell When We Open Our Eyes’. Possessing a towering presence, an array of clinical riffs and ultra-extreme vocal violence, this epic, album concluding track slips beneath the waters of cold, atmospheric melody before charging headlong to an ending in fire, a sudden frenzy of destruction that will leave you breathless. It’s a powerful, affecting finish to an album that fulfils all the promise suggested by Cleansing of the Temple’s earlier recordings and bludgeoning live shows.

    Cleansing of the Temple are now a part of the burgeoning roster of extremity at Rottweiler Records, who will launch this ballistic missile of an album at the world on July 12th. Produced, mixed and mastered by Glenn Gizzi of Phinehas fame, every element of The Devil Knows My Name possesses not only clarity and power, but crackles with tension and electrifying energy, the passion of the individual performances palpable. This is not your average slam record, or just another album cut from the deathcore template. When Cleansing of the Temple come calling be prepared for an experience like no other.

    Genre: Deathcore/Slam Death
    For fans of: Annotations Of An Autopsy | Ingested | Gutrectomy | (Un)Worthy

    Gavin James – Vocals
    Rasheen Johnson - Drums 
    Dustin Duvall – Guitar
    Matthew Clark – Guitar
    Randy Smith – Bass


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  • Cleansing Of The Temple
  • Cleansing Of The Temple
  • Cleansing Of The Temple
  • Cleansing Of The Temple