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Colossus - Degenesis

  • Colossus



    They watch from the distant, endless darkness, from the cold void beyond the North Star - and their patience is exhausted. The slate must be wiped clean. The human experiment has failed; decaying and deteriorating into a seething mass of spite and infection, a virulent, mindless poison. The call will go out, speeding through the timeless constellations to the deep places of the earth, the stygian chambers where it has waited since the beginning – the world eater, the re-set button, the bringer of rebirth through utter destruction...the Colossus!

    Combining light speed, incisive riffs and elements of cosmic technicality with sheer heaviness that defies comprehension – sounds from beyond and beneath – Colossus are here to tear down the boundaries that surround the brutal death metal genre, to incinerate expectations and redefine the territories that can be explored. Their debut album, Degenesis is an explosion of breathtaking technical dexterity and remarkable contradictions, as they simultaneously create a sense of space within sound through cunning composition and construction and a monstrous density and weight by using two octave down, pitch shifted guitars along with their standard weaponry. Tracks like ‘Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin’ will satisfy every death metalhead’s need for velocity and destruction, while shocking and surprising, twisting the staid roots of the genre into startling new shapes. Degenesis will purify with fire and Colossus will rise from the cooling ashes as a towering new force of ultra-extremity.

    Backed by the formidable firepower of Comatose Music, Colossus are destined to make an indelible impact on the brutal death metal scene and beyond, come the destined date of February 5th. With a line-up featuring members of Lividity, Cryptic Fog and Cereviscera, the credentials of this band are beyond question and one listen to Degenesis will paint the name of Colossus across the hearts of disciples of extremity in blood and fire. A new era of monstrous devastation is about to begin – prepare to be reborn!

    Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Defeated Sanity | First Fragment | Aenimus | Deeds Of Flesh

    Von Young - Guitars
    Dan Klein – Drums, Vocals
    Steven Chavez – Bass, Vocals


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