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Concrete Age - Bardo Thodol

  • Concrete Age



    Between the last breath and the next breath there are worlds to traverse. There are dreams and devils, pathways to choose and lessons to learn. Entities spawned from past sins and casual cruelties enfold you in visions and reveal the complex map of consequences. Those who seek to avert their gaze from the truth of what they have been, the wilfully blind, the bitter, the arrogant, they will stumble and fall into the maw of dark and endless futures. Screaming their deluded denials they plunge into the flames of Naraka and the waiting talons of the Eight Legions, who embrace and dissect them, tearing away their tattered hopes of heaven.

    Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book Of The Dead is a funerary text whose lessons form a pathway to guide souls through death to rebirth. It teaches of a state between life and death, an intermediary realm of essential wisdom, terrors, traps; the potential to ascend to bliss or fall into torment. Bardo Thodol is also the name of the new album from Concrete Age, a band that exist between the sub genres of metal, who walk in hidden places exploring musical territories that few can even dream of. With Bardo Thodol Concrete Age invite listeners to journey with them through the unseen realms, to confront truth, to weigh the questions of life and death in their hands, to peer into the darkness and gaze upon the light. Musically the ten songs that form Bardo Thodol match these lofty ambitions with ease. Drawing upon the musical influences of their Balkan and North Caucasus origins and placing no limitations upon their hungry creativity Concrete Age have created an album of daring brilliance and unique character; a thrilling, challenging listening experience. By entwining the power and intensity of extreme metal with the wild, vibrant essence of ethnic music Concrete Age have forged a sound which has seen them perform alongside the likes of Korpiklaani one day and Hate Eternal the next. Bardo Thodol, the band’s eighth album is a new peak in their incredible journey, a dazzling explosion of sound that will take your breath away.

    The last Concrete Age album, Spirituality, arrived during the dark days of pandemics and isolation and Ave Noctum described it as “a vaccine to life’s miseries”. Now, as the human race staggers on into another array of self inflicted horrors, Concrete Age have returned to offer a new, fabulously enthralling alternative to the oppressive greys of existence. Bardo Thodol is a sonic vision painted in every hue imaginable – inventive, innovative and inspiring. Concrete Age bring sustenance for the soul, the spirit, the heart and the mind. When Bardo Thodol is released on January 6th drink deep of its wonders and walk with Concrete Age between the worlds…

    Genre: Ethnic Metal
    For fans of: Tengger Cavalry | Sepultura | Moonsorrow | Eluveitie

    Ilia Morozov - Vocals/Guitars/Ethnic Instruments
    Boris Zahariev - Guitars
    Giovanni Ruiu - Bass
    Davide Marini - Drums


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