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Consecration - Reanimated

  • Consecration



    Beneath the dust of ages, within a darkness unbroken for centuries there is a stirring in the crypt. Bones long bereft of flesh twitch and clatter in their mildewed caskets. A cold wind sighs between exposed teeth, breath within bones, as empty sockets stare into the blood-thick blackness and overgrown nails begin to scrape at confining lids. There is life beyond death, there is life within the grave and hunger in the tomb. Cursed beyond remembrance, ancient hatreds resurrected and rotten lusts reanimated...

    Consecration, masters of agonising death, bleak doom and pained regret have dug deep into the cold soil of their cemetery; through leaf and loam, worm and waste, down to where the old bodies lie. They have exhumed the desiccated corpses of three past evils, torn them from their resting places and in the long hours of the night, dressed them once more in meat and skin. In the raw environs of their rehearsal studio lair, using the electric magic of furious performance, these three forgotten hymns have been returned to life and their essence ensnared forevermore. Staggering monstrosities of wickedness, swathed in the mists of the funeral ground, transformed beyond their original incarnations by new sorcerous twists and instilled with a fiercely burning intensity. Reanimated is Consecration, one of the UK’s heaviest bands, live in the studio, raw and menacing, insidious and sinister, laying down new versions of old songs from the forgotten corners of their discography. ‘Cast Down For The Burning MMXXI’ and ‘Gut The Priest MMXXI’ are reworked versions of tracks that appeared on the band’s 2010 debut EP, Gut The Priest, while ‘Domain Of Despair’ is a new interpretation of an unreleased 2011 demo – never available before in any format. In total Reanimated features more than twenty minutes of Consecration at their crushing, unforgiving best.

    Reanimated will be unveiled by Cavernous Records on November 19th and will be the first release from the band to feature guitarist Andy Matthews who joined the Consecration coven in early 2019. More than just a stepping stone before the next full length Consecration album is unleashed by Redefining Darkness Records in the spring of 2022, Reanimated is a brutal testament to the power that this new line-up now wields. A record of one night of necromantic invocation, never to be repeated, adorned as always in the incredible artwork of vocalist and lyricist Daniel Bollans, Reanimated is essential and irresistible, a treasure for all explorers of the dark vaults of the underground.

    Genre: Death/Doom Metal
    For fans of: Coffins | Evoken | Winter | Autopsy

    Daniel Bollans – Vocals
    Shane Amies – Bass
    Liam Houseago - Guitar
    Andy Matthews - Guitar
    Jorge Figueiredo - Drums


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