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Cronaxia - Collapsing The Outer Structure

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    RELEASE DATE: 07/09/18

    At the end of the ‘90s, Cronaxia were born into the darkness of the Portuguese death metal underground. From the very beginning they stood out from the other denizens of the pit, their bludgeoning savagery coupled with a sharp intelligence and an almost uncontrollable creativity. As they began to shape and form their furious, technical extremity the music became evermore relentlessly intense, the lyrics more searching as they set off exploring the universe at the speed of light. The complexity and intricacy of Cronaxia’s hyper speed death metal was so demanding that members burnt out and fell by the wayside, meaning that until now their only release had been the 2008 EP, The Solution Above Continuity.

    Determined to finally make their visions of a full length album a reality, long standing Cronaxia members Felipe (guitarist and founder member), Renato (guitars) and Sergio (vocals) enlisted the help of a session rhythm section, both from the band Grog; drummer Rolando Barros and bassist Alex Ribeiro. The result of this alliance is an album of blistering, hyperactive death metal - continual motion made sound. The result is Collapsing The Outer Structure.

    Mixed and mastered by Paulo Viera, known for his production work with Ironsword and Ravensire, Collapsing The Outer Structure is a work that walks the tightrope between genius and insanity. Songs like the jagged, restless ‘Dimension Ratio’ are a vivid explosion of mind warping ideas. Immersed within these eight conceptual whirlwinds, the feeling is akin to having the secrets of the universe downloaded directly to your cerebral cortex in a fraction of a second. Bewildering yet incredible, almost too much to comprehend, you will find few listening experiences as overwhelming and intense as Collapsing The Outer Structure. It may have taken Cronaxia two decades to reach this defining moment, but now that their planets have aligned the force that has been unleashed is momentous and breathtaking.

    The countdown has begun... Lusitanian Music will launch this impossible ship of destruction and creation on September 7th. Prepare to be consumed, to be undone, to have your brain restructured as Cronaxia deliver you to the brink of their event horizon.

    Presale link: Lusitanian Music

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Kataklysm (early) | Morbid Angel | Deeds Of Flesh

    Felipe – guitars and vocals
    Renato – guitars and vocals
    Sergio – vocals
    Drums on this recording performed by Rolando Barros
    Bass on this recording performed by Alex Ribeiro


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