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Crowned In Earth

  • all seeing eyes
    Crowned In Earth - Metempsychosis

    Label: Sonic Mermaid Records

    Campaign Ended 12.04.15

    Crowned In Earth first came into being in 2008, the earthly manifestation of the musical vision of Kevin Lawry. Kevin had already made a name for himself with his one-man, epic doom entity, Silent Winter, but under the Crowned In Earth banner he gradually began to spread his wings.
    The debut EP, Welcome To The Brotherhood Of The Crown was released in 2008 – and whilst it underlined Kevin’s affinity for and mastery of the doom metal genre, it also showed the first indications that Crowned In Earth were to possess wider musical horizons. The full length debut, Visions Of The Haunted, released in 2010 on Shadow Kingdom Records, saw Kevin joined by Falcon/Pale Divine/Sinister Realm drummer Darin McCloskey whose natural, powerful style added another dimension to the Crowned In Earth sound. The duo then took a huge leap forward with 2012s A Vortex Of Earthly Chimes, a masterful album that blended truly progressive thinking and musicianship with their doom roots. With this album Crowned In Earth shook off all the shackles of expectation, leaving them free to really take flight into the wonderful multi-coloured dreams of Metempsychosis...
    With ex-Beelzefuzz bassist Pug Kirby now added to their ranks, Crowned in Earth have become a complete entity, with the power and vision to explore bright and brilliant new musical worlds. Metempsychosis is an album without borders, a listening experience without limits, a feast for the imagination. Slip beneath the surface of this latest and greatest creation from Crowned in Earth and let it carry you on a journey you’ll never want to end...

    A small selection of press feedback:
    “The music is large. The sounds are lavish.” – PLAYBACK
    “...intelligent and sophisticated song writing...” – HARD HARDER HEAVY
    “Equal parts pompous and beautiful...” – ECHOES AND DUST
    “...classic progressive rock...” – TERAPIJA
    “...Crowned In Earth take you on a musical journey...” – SOUNDSCAPE MAGAZINE
    “...there is something very special about Metempsychosis...” – MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC
    “...constantly fascinated by the band’s musicality...” – THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK FILES
    “...a magnificent, colourful listening experience...” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
    “...finally someone who is capable of prog like in the 70's!”– ONDES CHOCS

    Interviews also appeared courtesy of the likes of METAL ADDICTS, ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE, MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC etc...

    Genre: Progressive Rock
    For fans of: Pink Floyd | Genesis | Orne | Lake Of Tears

    Kevin Lawry – Acoustic & Electric Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
    Pug Kirby – Bass
    Darin McCloskey - Drums

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