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Curse The Fall - Symbiosis

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    RELEASE DATE: 21.11.17

    Some bands can channel their anger and aggression into a devastating onslaught of metallic power. Some bands can entwine the scars that life has given them in melancholy melody and speak to the shared experiences of listeners. Some bands can impress with a sweetly crafted solo or finely structured songs. And some, rare bands, can bind all those things together into one sonic structure of power, emotion, melody and skill. On November 21st Oklahoma City’s Curse The Fall will release their new EP, Symbiosis and show the world that they are one of those bands that have it all...

    Curse The Fall formed in 2013, a gathering together of musicians who had cut their teeth in numerous local bands and shared the drive and ambition to take things to the next level; the desire to create music that would speak to metal fans around the globe with its passion and honesty. The debut album, Aphelion, was released on Final Legion Records in the summer of 2016 and the word began to spread. Major magazines like Powerplay in the UK took notice and Curse The Fall were soon playing live with international acts like Soil, Dope, Drowning Pool and many more. Yet in truth Aphelion merely hinted at what the band could achieve.

    Now the hard work in the rehearsal room and on the stage has borne fruit; with the release of Symbiosis the world can really hear all that Curse The Fall have to offer. Mixed and mastered by Eric Greedy, who has previously worked with everyone from Fates Warning, Kingdom Come and Smashing Pumpkins to Body Count, Fu Manchu and Vince Neil, Symbiosis is the real deal in every respect. ‘Race’ is an explosion of rage and adrenalin, ‘Dirt Road’ is open wounds and candour, ‘Over Time’ a monumental, emotional journey...there is an incredible amount to explore and experience throughout this EP, into which the band have poured so much.

    Symbiosis is a gigantic step forward for Curse The Fall, but more than that it is a record that captures the blood, sweat, tears and soul of a genuine, talented band – and that is what metal music is all about.

    Genre: Metal
    For fans of: Alice In Chains | Drowning Pool | Nevermore | Machine Head

    Dewayne Clifton - vocals
    Nick Cebalo - bass
    Brian Carrigan - guitar
    Bill Stephens - drums


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