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Cystectomy - Deprive to Hollowness

  • Cystectomy



    Inside the halls of horror, beneath the vaulted ceiling adorned with the screaming faces of stone, damned to stare down upon the grotesque cruelties and wicked consumption for eternity, it hangs in ropes of gore and misery. An amorphous mass of blood and filth that sucks up the essence and the flesh of the sacrifices delivered, howling, into its presence in a never ending, desperate procession. Its servants feed it because they were born to feed it, as their fathers were before them. Day after day, night after night, hour after meaningless, offal spattered hour, they drag the weeping food through the fat and waste and hurl it beneath the shadow of the silent master.

    From a festering pool of nightmares comes a new name in ineffable, unknowable brutality. Cystectomy welcome you to experience the unnerving atmosphere and wanton savagery of Deprive To Hollowness – a sonic assault that will grind your face into the cold concrete floor, while tearing the spine from your flailing, thrashing body. There is an alien otherness about this imposing wall of the most brutal death metal, the sense of a mind with no comprehension of mercy. The riffs from Oscar Ortega (Strappado, Tortured etc) are deft and calculating in their destructive force and the drumming of Juan Pablo Flores breathtaking in its inhuman battery, Randy Leung (Facelift Deformation)’s vocals guttural, searing and acidic beyond your cruellest imaginings. Yet through all the wild, uncontrolled slaughter, beneath the red mist of untrammelled viciousness, there lurk songs of expert construction and exquisite structure, agonising arias of annihilation. When the last, haunting tones of ‘Witness Of The Cataclysm’ have faded into silence Deprive To Hollowness will still be writhing in your mind, a beast forever alive in your memories.

    Mixed and mastered by Floor van Kuijk (Carnifloor, Focal Dystonia, Korpse etc) at GLDCHN Studios (Cadaverous, Ungraceful, Undeciphered etc) Deprive To Hollowness sounds utterly monstrous – and with the might of Comatose Music behind them Cystectomy’s impact on the extreme music scene will be fearsome. November 5th is the date set for the unleashing of this unholy abomination so say your prayers and prepare to be hollowed!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Wormed | Ingested | Aborted

    Randy Leung - Vocals
    Oscar Ortega - Guitar
    Juan Pablo Flores - Drums


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  • Cystectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Cystectomy