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De Profundis - Decayed 2007-2017

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    De Profundis - Decayed 2007-2017

    Released through Zero Tolerance Magazine issue 079

    Ten years ago, a young, ambitious and talented band called De Profundis released their first full length album, Beyond Redemption and right from the start they were pursuing a sound of their own, confounding expectations and challenging listeners to open their minds and look beyond the obvious. For all the originality and complexity of that first release, De Profundis progressed at a prodigious rate in its wake. As musicians they have always been intent on pushing themselves to the maximum and with 2010s A Bleak Reflection and particularly 2012s The Emptiness Within, both released on Kolony Records, they really began to carve out a niche of their own.

    An injection of new blood, with the arrival of drummer Tom Atherton and guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh, saw the band hitting new heights with the Frequencies EP in 2014. The stunning four tracker even topped the Zero Tolerance Magazine end of year Readers’ Poll in the independent release category. The success of Frequencies lead to a new deal with Wicker Man Recordings, with whom De Profundis released Kingdom Of The Blind – beyond a shadow of a doubt the most accomplished and impressive album of their career. Zero Tolerance labelled it simply ‘immense’.

    Zero Tolerance Magazine have always been big supporters of De Profundis and so, when discussions turned to how best to celebrate the first ten years of the band’s recording history, they decided to give something back to their loyal fans and the avid readers of the magazine. Rather than release their retrospective compilation, Decayed: 2007 – 2017, in the usual manner, De Profundis chose to work with Zero Tolerance to give 10,000 copies away, free, with issue 79 of the prestigious magazine. Decayed... features nine remastered classics selected from across the De Profundis discography and one exclusive new track, ‘An Orgy Of Grotesqueries’, for which a chilling lyric video was created by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art.

    It’s been a long road from Beyond Redemption to Decayed... and along the way De Profundis have played with the likes of Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, Enslaved, Grand Magus, Gorgoroth, Taake, Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ, Vader and Immolation, they’ve played in 24 countries – and in June of this year they embarked on a full European tour with David Vincent’s I Am Morbid and gore legends Necrophagia.

    There have been good times, there have been tough times, but most importantly there has been some amazing music – a small sample of which you are listening to now...

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Death | Atheist | Beyond Creation

    Craig Land - Vocals
    Shoi Sen - Guitars
    Paul Nazarkardeh - Guitars
    Arran McSporran - Fretless Bass
    Tom Atherton - Drums

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