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Deliberate Miscarriage - Mortuary Melodies

  • Deliberate Miscarriage



    A blood-soaked descent into a world of decay and rot, where the worst of mankind awaits you. The darkest desires of humanity unveiled, an overwhelming disregard for life. Tales of murder, torture and revenge, straight from the depths of depravity. Destined to meet your maker at the hands of a diseased mind or otherworldly force. Make no mistake, your anguish is assured. Death is coming for you and it will not be pretty. Nothing is off-limits. No-one is safe.

    Hailing from the dark valleys of South Wales Deliberate Miscarriage write technically adept death metal, soaked in blood and laced with sick humour, then deliver it with a bludgeoning, single-minded focus and intensity. Their influences are easy to see, etched proudly into the skin of the merciless sonic assaults that make up their colossal debut album, Mortuary Melodies, but so are the cruel individual twists that have been applied with gleeful malice. The combination of pummelling, brute force battery and spiteful precision makes for compelling listening and any disciple of the dark arts of death will soon be nodding with approval when ‘Entrails Entwined’ kicks off this feast of carnage. The rotten ventricles that form the heart of Deliberate Miscarriage are bassist/vocalist Charlie Rogers (ex-Sodomized Cadaver) and guitarist Adam Duffield (Blind Divide). To perform the base acts of bone-breaking skin beating they have called upon Lyn Jeffs of renowned merchants of monstrosities, Ingested. Together they have formed a unit of startling savagery and unspeakable heaviness and Mortuary Melodies is a debut album that will send shockwaves through the gore-soaked tunnels of the underground.

    Featuring all the tracks from their first demo and the 2020 EP Ghost Of Christmas Blast, along with seven brand new cut and cauterised creations and a vicious cover version of Pestilence’s ‘The Process Of Suffocation’, Mortuary Melodies is a devastating explosion of prime death metal. Produced by Nico Beninato (Ingested, Unbounded Terror) this album has the power to implode your internal organs, while the stunning artwork created by Phlegeton (Wormed, Avulsed, Gorevent etc) will supply a lifetime of nightmares. Deliberate Miscarriage have arrived in no uncertain terms - and the sickness starts here!

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Deicide | Suffocation | Severe Torture

    Charlie Rogers - Bass/Vocals
    Adam Duffield - Guitar
    Drums on this album performed by Lyn Jeffs


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  • Deliberate Miscarriage
  • Deliberate Miscarriage
  • Deliberate Miscarriage
  • Deliberate Miscarriage