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Depraved Murder - Manifestation

  • Depraved Murder


    RELEASE DATE: 17th MAY 2019

    Death is the ultimate mystery, the unknowable darkness from which none return. For some the inevitability of death fills them with fear, a constant parasite of panic gnawing at their nerves. For others that same inevitability leads to simple, quiet acceptance. And for a few troubled souls death becomes an obsession, an addiction, an entity to worship and adore – a god. They are driven to feed the insatiable hunger of their god, piling body upon body on their altars of morbid fascination and lust. Soon, the simple extinguishing of life is not enough to satisfy the thrill driven killers and their gods of destruction; the method of dispatch becomes ever crueller, more wickedly inventive, sadistically creative. Each victim is a canvas, each corpse a twisted work of art...each sacrifice an act of depraved murder.

    The Indonesian brutal death metal scene is a seething swamp of savagery, producing some of the most violent, stunningly savage music in the world. In that murderous morass of psychopathic perversion few names are as revered and respected as that of Depraved Murder. Since their bestial debut album, Remnants Of Depravity, shocked listeners worldwide with its merciless assault on the senses, fans of the sick and socially unacceptable have been waiting hungrily for more from this diseased death squad. Now the wait is over and a new monument to nightmares is ready to be revealed! Manifestation features nine hymns to horror, nine sacrifices to be laid at the feet of the death god – including an organ-bursting new take on the band’s classic ‘Disgenosome’. The riffs hack and dismember, the drums raining down incessant blows to the skull while the hate-filled vocals of guest vocalist ‘The Ripper’ spit out a litany of dark desires and sickening promises of pain.

    With Manifestation Depraved Murder have crossed new boundaries and gone to new extremes, with an album that is utterly relentless. There is no hiding place, no moment’s peace or respite from the pain; once ‘Gore Green Meditations’ has begun this is a non-stop trip through agony to death. Now with the power of new label, Comatose Music behind them, Depraved Murder are unstoppable. Be aware, be awake...the next victim on the death god’s altar could be you.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    “...one of the greatest testaments to death metal.”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Deeds Of Flesh | Broken Hope

    Ogy Pradana - Guitars
    Sahrul Ramadhan - Drums
    Ismul Azam - Bass
    Clod 'The Ripper' De Rosa - Vocals (Guest)


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  • Depraved Murder
  • Depraved Murder
  • Depraved Murder
  • Depraved Murder