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  • disfago
    Disfago - Disfago double 7"

    Label: Witch Ghetto Productions

    Release date: 08.06.15

    Disfago don’t give a fuck about anyone’s scene and they care even less for genre rules and regulations. They’re a violent, drunken assault on your preconceptions of extreme music. A head-caving collision of full force metal and unrestrained punk, there are no seatbelts supplied on this ride. Dismissed by some who simply ‘don’t get it’, they’ve been labelled the ‘low point in extreme metal history’ by Yosuke, head of the infamous Nuclear War Now! Label, but then those who strive for originality and refuse to follow the rule book are often overlooked at first.

    Bassist Si sums up the bands philosophy perfectly:
    “...if you lack originality then you’re not rebelling and if you’re not rebelling you’ve missed the fucking point of rock n roll…”

    The next chapter in the Disfago story starts here, with these five tracks of unadulterated attitude. Five screamed out statements of intent. Turn your back on the herd, refuse to follow the accepted path, grab a bottle of the hard stuff and ride this train into oblivion.
    The members of Disfago have all paid their dues a thousand times over in other bands, but this is where they raise a new standard...proudly emblazoned with a middle finger salute to the world. Mastered by Thomas Taube (Ascension, Reign Of Decay, Saeculum Obscurum), this is noise, this is filth, this is fury, this is rebellion – this is DISFAGO!

    A small selection of press feedback:
    “...great sounding mixture of black metal, punk and thrash...” – BRINGER OF DEATH ZINE
    “...aggressive and direct, rough and dirty, a real middle finger to the hated establishment...” – ALL AROUND METAL
    “...perfect if your ambitions are to wander to the nearest convenience store to supply you with cheap shitty beer and then sacrifice one of your boys to the dark forces in an alcoholic delirium...” – ONDES CHOCS
    “...short stabbing assault of raw power...” – BRUTALISM
    “...straddle...that thin line between insanity and genius...” – ZERO TOLERANCE
    “...an awesome album!” – MIDLANDS METAL HEADS
    “...drunk punk metal...” – GORGER’S METAL
    “...very much hope to get served more samples of their art in the near future!” – XXL ROCK
    “...if you like it brutal, then you won’t be disappointed!” – PLANET MOSH

    Interviews also appeared courtesy of ZERO TOLERANCE, IRON FIST, BRINGER OF DEATH ZINE and PEST WEBZINE etc...

    Genre: Punk/Thrash/Metal
    For fans of: Sarcofago | Tank | GG Allin

    Miika – Guitars/Vocals
    Bert – Drums/Vocals
    Simon - Bass/Vocals

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