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Embludgeonment - Barn Burner

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    RELEASE DATE: 19th APRIL 2019

    Between the folds of reality, in the shadows that lie between one moment and the next , the children of fire watch our world with hungry eyes. They are constantly scraping at the cracks in the walls of existence, their clawed hands worrying at the spider web of fractures, impatient to cross the void and feed; yearning to bring us their gifts of undying flame and endless pain. They work frantically, tirelessly at the fraying seams of our reality and soon our ancient defences will fail. Soon they will pour forth, a river of ravening fire, a gluttonous inferno with no purpose but to consume. Our future is ashes…

    …And this side of the crumbling wall New Jersey’s Embludgeonment have created a fire storm of their own. Since the release of their Infinite Regress debut in 2013, the band have been blending hate, venom and a need to burn in a cauldron of unforgiving extremity. With gleeful disregard for whatever trends the scene may currently be following, Embludgeonment create the incendiary music that they want to hear - a furious conflagration of death metal, thrash, grindcore and raging brutality - music to burn the world to! Their experiments in pyromancy are now ready to be revealed in the form of annihilating new album, Barn Burner. Tracks like the staggering ‘Vociferation’ attack from a bewildering array of angles, the wild solos binding you in flame while the colossal weight of the riffs explodes your heart and collapses your lungs. Elsewhere ‘Gruesome Mortification’ delivers the kind of accomplished battering that would elicit a knowing smile from genre masters, Cannibal Corpse.

    Music of such barbaric violence was never going to escape the all seeing eye of Comatose Music for long - and the frenzied fire-starters of Embludgeonment have now been gathered up into the arms of the world’s premiere brutal death metal label for the release of Barn Burner. The fuse will be lit on April 19th and there will be no extinguishing the resulting blaze…prepare to burn!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    “...if you call yourself a lover of brutally, heavy slam guttural & well played death metal then look no further ...”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Cryptopsy | Cannibal Corpse | Dying Fetus | Suffocation

    John Hartman - Guitar
    Mark Green - Drums
    Lee Cozens - Guitar
    Ken England - Vocals


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