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Exterminated - The Genesis Of Genocide

  • Exterminated


    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 9th 2021

    Beneath the soft skin of the human animal seethes a mass of venom and vitriol, a ravenous beast that constantly tests the chains of restraint that bind it. We create societal structures, rules and regulations; build them like safety barriers and prison walls. We search for decency in deities and scriptures, glorify love and tenderness in our art, clinging desperately to the illusion of civilisation. But the devil in our hearts is always watching for our conscience to slumber, for society to turn its gaze away. When empathy sleeps, when the gods of war march, then true humanity is unleashed; the lust for dominance, the need to kill, the thrill of torment, the ecstasy of brutality running amok. Our one true dream is a world drowned in blood...total and utter genocide.

    With vocals like thick lava breaking through the earth’s crust, blast beats akin to a hammering rain of shrapnel and riffs to level mountains with, Exterminated’s debut full length album, The Genesis Of Genocide is an intimidating explosion of feral hate. This is the sound of mankind unmasked in all his bestial glory, the trappings of modern life torn asunder and discarded in the slurry of guts and shit underfoot. From the hammer to the skull frenzy of ‘Murderous Intent’ to the shocking carnage of ‘The Art Of Mutilation’ this is bare-knuckle battery with no holding back. Formed in Dasmariñas in the Philippines in 2016 by Ace Estandian (Anal Fissure, Guillotined), Exterminated first made their mark with the Elements Of Obliteration EP some two years later. The warning signs were there for all to see, right from the start – this band were a dangerous entity with the capability of delivering devastation on a massive scale. The Genesis Of Genocide is the bone-breaking delivery of everything that was promised, the fulfilment of every threat. With Anal Fissure drummer Myke Pardo now supplying some of the most barbaric vocals ever recorded, Exterminated are ready to start the slaughter!

    Always alert to stirrings of extreme savagery in the worldwide brutal death metal scene, Comatose Music signed Exterminated in 2020 and are now ready to begin this new campaign of eradication. On April 9th the barriers will break and the walls come tumbling down as The Genesis Of Genocide is unleashed. Prepare to lose your mind in a tsunami of violence, or be dragged, screaming, beneath the tide.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Cerebral Bore | Chancroid | Guttural Secrete | Pathology

    Ace Estandian - Guitar / Drum Programming
    Myke Pardo - Vocals


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