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Fetal Bleeding - The Quest Of Immortality

  • Fetal Bleeding



    Far from the light and the prying gaze of those whose minds hold nothing but the idiocy of modern fripperies and falsehoods, the words of ritual are still whispered. In the shadows of the forgotten places those who remember, those who still search for secrets make their sacrifices to the old ones, bow their heads to devils, trade their hearts for knowledge the world would deny them. Under the gaze of the black gods they rend and tear, they bleed and consume each other; they cry out in lustful, wicked abandon, preserving the wild cults of their elders and pledge themselves to the quest of immortality!

    Fetal Bleeding bring you visions from these clandestine gatherings of ancient orders, laying bare the hidden world like the glistening bodies of the freshly flayed. You are welcomed to the bacchanalian brutalities in an overwhelming barrage of blast beats and an onslaught of surging serpentine riffs. With their full length debut album, The Quest Of Immortality these Indonesian purveyors of sonic savagery have created a brutal death metal record of unsurpassed darkness. The inhuman vocals of Yogga Beges seethe and writhe within a sea of rot and decay, swimming in currents of black blood and horror. This is music inspired by demons and crafted by devoted disciples of damnation.

    More than five years since their first issue of sibilant hatred, the Basa Basi Busuk EP, Fetal Bleeding have emerged once more from their lair with a new tome of arcane knowledge that could lead the unprepared mind to the brink of madness. Featuring an array of luminaries from the Indonesian scene as guest musicians, The Quest Of Immortality is more than just another display of death metal brutality. This is an invitation to look beyond the vacuous glare of modern life and see the ancient darkness that still lurks beneath the veneer of civilisation. For the brave, for the explorers of extremity, the adventurers in realms of horror The Quest Of Immortality is available now through the renowned dealers in death – Brute! Productions.

    “This is top-notch BDM done right...”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Aborted | Dying Fetus | Disgorge | Guttural Secrete

    Yogga Beges – Vocals
    Lank – Guitar/Bass
    Wawan – Drums
    Also featuring guest appearances from Syn (Undead Daredevil), Panyawat (Intricated), Aditya (Gerogot, Raw, Brain Damage) and Ridho (Gubouckgor Rec, Infitar, Choria)


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