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Flayed Disciple - A Hell In Living Flesh

  • Flayed Disciple


    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 22nd 2022

    Wading through the liquidised filth, a composite of mud and corpses, deconstructed, reconstructed, built in the image of eternal war. Flesh fused with weaponry, bones set with blades, organs encased in a carapace of steel and brain rewired for a single purpose – the complete annihilation of all life. He feels no pain, no emotion; he is unburdened by empathy, fear or any of the inherent weaknesses of humanity. He is the ultimate soldier, the perfect war machine; a tool of destruction, an instrument of hell in living flesh...

    Flayed Disciple have been away too long and how we have missed the face-melting intensity of their perfect blend of crisp, incisive thrash and skull-smashing death metal bludgeon! Yet the bitterness that had fermented in the gaping hole they left behind dissipates in seconds once new EP, A Hell In Living Flesh, discharges its hail of burning lead. Reunited with drummer Phil Tolfree, whose vicious beats propelled the sonic violence of debut album Death Hammer and now featuring the massive vocal roar of former Burning Skies man Merv Hembrough, Flayed Disciple have never sounded better. The riffs that drive songs such as ‘Warmaster’ forward, like turbo powered heavy armour, are irresistible, infectious and incomparable, while the solos that tear through the likes of ‘The Dark Other’ like gleaming scythes, are sheer metallic perfection. It may be eight long years since Flayed Disciple hit us with their three track, self titled EP, but their power has only increased. A Hell In Living Flesh is a razor sharp, blood hungry death/thrash beast with the fire power to reduce the competition to ash.

    Over their career Flayed Disciple have played at world renowned festivals like Bloodstock, Hammerfest and Neurotic Deathfest, they have ignited pits in India, The Netherlands, France, Norway and all across the UK and they have gone head to head with the likes of Vader, Gojira and Aborted. Now, with engines refuelled and guns reloaded they are back to pick up where they left off. When A Hell In Living Flesh detonates on April 22nd firestorms and chaos will be unleashed and a new era of Flayed Disciple will begin – and this time they’re not leaving ‘til they’re the last men standing on the battlefield.

    Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Slayer | Cannibal Corpse | Vader | Sadus

    Merv Hembrough - Vocals
    Thurston Howe - Lead guitar
    Paul Williams - Bass
    Jon Whitfield - Guitar
    Phil Tolfree - Drums


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  • Flayed Disciple
  • Flayed Disciple
  • Flayed Disciple
  • Flayed Disciple