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Flesh Hoarder - Homicidal Necrophile

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    RELEASE DATE: MAY 11th 2018

    In the darkest recesses of the metal world, where death hides in every shadow, is a place where brutality is king, where depravity is a virtue and savagery is valued above all else, where the only law is survival of the sickest! In this dungeon of disgust, this pit of perversion is where you’ll find Flesh Hoarder...

    Flesh Hoarder emerged, dripping with viscera, into the blazing Texas sun in 2011, vomiting the Infatuation With Menstruation demo into the ears of the demented and disturbed the following year. Now they are finally ready to unveil their ultimate offal-ridden offering, the stomach churning sacrifice to the gods of sickness that is Homicidal Necrophile. Featuring eleven tracks of sewer trawling vocals, unrelenting drum battery and riffs like thick, choking sludge – including new recordings of the three much beloved, bestial hymns that made up Infatuation With Menstruation – Homicidal Necrophile takes you deeper into the filth than you have ever gone before. ‘Ritualistic Rape Victims’ sucks you into a world of blood and pain where the guitars of the perversely named Angel Tarin and ex-M.O.D., current Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals man, Mike DeLeon shred your skin with wicked, barbed leads. ‘Tortured Beyond The Grave’ drowns you in unstoppable waves of gore, ‘Human Drapery’ enfolds you in nightmares, suffocating you with fear and panic...and the onslaught on your senses just keeps coming. There is no mercy, no moment of respite when you are in the hands of the Homicidal Necrophile!

    When you’ve become desensitized to the horrors that the world has to offer, but your dark side calls out for more – more adrenalin, more terror, more blood and perversion – then you know where to go. Flesh Hoarder are waiting, in the kingdom of ruin and despair, the home of the Homicidal Necrophile, with agonies beyond your most abhorrent fantasies. One visit and you’ll never be the same...

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Suffocation | Mortician | Ingested | Cannibal Corpse

    Adam DeLeon - Bass
    Nick Moreno - Vocals
    Angel Tarin – Guitars
    Mike DeLeon – Guitars
    Rene Martinez - Drums


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