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Fleshtorture - Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (Grotesque Doctrine Of Perversity)

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    Nothing fires his rage like the poisonous hypocrisy of faith in unseen gods and the structures of domination built around those abominable names, those fabricated excuses for cruelty and perversion. Nothing ignites his hunger for blood like the insipid smiles on those pallid faces as they preach humility, while reaching for wealth with their grasping, claw-like hands. Nothing drives his need to destroy like those priests of love, shaking with excitement as they pronounce their cruel condemnations upon the vulnerable, or sate their vile lust on the lost and alone. Vengeance is no longer yours lord; vengeance is his and he will bring you down in an onslaught of blasphemy and drown your temples in the blood of your repugnant prophets...

    Armed with riffs that no god could stand against and a vocal roar to cut through lies and debasement, Nicaragua’s Fleshtorture have returned with the most devastatingly powerful album of their career. Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (Grotesque Doctrine of Perversity) is a consistently stunning display of real death metal from start to finish. From the battering, breathtaking assault of tracks like ‘Canibalismo Eclesiástico (Ecclesiastical Cannibalism)’ and ‘Flagelando Almesías (Flogging The Messiah)’ to the surging monstrosity of ‘Tumba De Niños (Children’s Tomb)’ this is a master class in total death and destruction. An atmosphere of palpable darkness hangs over these songs and a current of fear runs through them like electricity. This album is a statement, a monument to the enduring power of death metal that defines the essence of the genre.

    Thirteen years on from their Physical And Mental Intensity By The Torture debut album, Fleshtorture are hitting new heights of accomplishment. Their songwriting has grown and matured meaning that Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad is so much more than just another heavy album. Mixed and mastered by Chris Wisco (Jungle Rot, November’s Doom, Origin etc) and adorned with the twisted artwork of John Quevedo Janssens (Those Who Bring The Torture, Sinister etc) every diabolical element of Grotesca Doctrina… has been honed to perfection. Released by the extreme underground music powerhouse that is Brute! Productions this essential album should leave a permanent scar on the tortured visage of death metal.

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Deicide| Suffocation | Incantation

    Xhugore – Vocals
    Lenin Galo – Guitars
    René Schock – Guitars
    Rudy Wolf – Drums
    Hanry Cano - Bass


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