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Forged In Black - Lightning In The Ashes

  • Forged In Black


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 20th 2023

    In his vast underground halls in the very heart of the earth, the Forgemaster raises his hammer once again. His metal skin reflects the flames that surround him, his inhuman eyes focussed on the blade that lies upon his anvil. The power that infuses his body threatens to tear him apart, yet he channels it all into another momentous blow; delivered with godlike strength and incomprehensible skill as he shapes the ultimate weapons of incorruptible might. Each clash of steel on steel shakes the fabric of the world. He is the lord of all metal, the king of fire - and lightning flashes in the ashes of his forge…

    “I’ve often been asked where the next big thing in metal is...for me Forged In Black are the ones.”

    These were the words of Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine when they reviewed Forged In Black’s last album, the dynamic dynamite of Descent Of The Serpent. That’s quite an accolade for any band to live up to and many would be cowed by it, falling at the next hurdle. Not Forged In Black; they have accepted the inherent challenge that was laid down in that statement, risen to it and exceeded all expectations. Four years on from Descent Of The Serpent they have returned with their second release for Fighter Records – Lightning In The Ashes – an album that stays true to the heartbeat of metal, but incorporates influences from the magnificent offspring it has spawned. Power metal, thrash metal, doom metal, progressive metal are all drawn into Forged In Black’s deadly web of sound. From the moment that Lightning In The Ashes bursts into life with the fiercely energised ‘Be One With Fire’ metal fans will be enraptured by the cascading guitars, thunderous drums and soaring, imperious vocals. From there it’s an incredible ride as frontman Chris ‘Stoz’ Storozynski – surely one of the finest vocalists in British metal today – leads listeners through the Maiden-esque epic ‘Chains Of The Damned’, the utterly immense ‘Dusk Breather’ and the jagged, multifaceted ‘War Torn Skull’. Every song has so much to offer as Forged In Black drive forward into new territories, challenging and exploring while remaining, as ever, true and hard as steel.

    Featuring absolutely stunning cover art, created by renowned artist Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Haken, Sylosis etc), recorded at the Essex Recording Studios (The Darkness, Voodoo Six, PISTON etc) with producer James Curtis-Thomas and mastered by Christian Wright (Pigsx7, Brian Ferry, You Me At Six etc) at the world famous Abbey Road studios, Lightning In The Ashes will be let loose by Fighter Records on June 20th. Set to be a defining moment in Forged In Black’s career, this album will see the band’s name reaching every corner of the metal world. Prepare to be struck by lightning as Forged In Black bring down the hammer this summer!

    Genre: Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Queensrÿche | Judas Priest | Vicious Rumors | Candlemass

    Lightning In The Ashes Recording Line-up:
    Chris ‘Stoz’ Storozynski - Lead Vocals
    Andy Songhurst - Lead And Rhythm Guitars
    Kieron Rochester - Bass and Vocals
    Chris Bone –Rhythm Guitars
    Kev Rochester – Drums


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  • Forged In Black
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