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Forged In Black - Sinner Sanctorum

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    Forged In Black - Sinner Sanctorum

    Label: Independent

    Release date: 02.09.17

    Forged In Black are the epitome of great heavy metal. With a heart of steel always at the core of everything they do, they reach out and draw in everything that’s great from across the metal map. Soaring, spiralling lead guitar work and the incredible vocals of front man Chris ‘Stoz’ Storozynski engage in aerial dogfights above a rugged, mountainous terrain of gritty riffs and a thunderous rhythm section. All the power and fury of thrash, the atmosphere, grandeur and emotion of doom and the epic scope and boundless energy of power metal are gathered in and poured into the burning elixir of Forged In Black’s unique take on the glorious metal art.

    The band have been refining their sound and honing their skills since the release of their self-titled debut album, back in early 2013; first with The Tide, a four track EP and then with the single, The Exodus, produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Sylosis, Bullet For My Valentine etc ). By 2016 Forged In Black felt they had written the strongest set of songs of their career to date and headed into the studio with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides. Tsangarides has worked on some of the all time great metal albums, by the likes of Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath to name but a handful of the prestigious artists who have entrusted him with their work. Under his guidance Forged In Black created the Fear Reflecting Fear EP which set new standards for the band and gained them more critical acclaim than ever before.

    Deciding not to mess with a successful partnership Forged In Black and Chris Tsangarides reunited this year to work on the successor to Fear Reflecting Fear and on September 2nd it will finally be unleashed. Fear Reflecting Fear may have set new standards for Forged In Black, but Sinner Sanctorum shatters them into a million pieces, as it rockets to unprecedented heights for these metal warriors. Sharper, more focussed, more accomplished and infinitely more powerful than anything they have released before, Sinner Sanctorum dares to stand tall beside the illustrious releases of Chris Tsangarides past work. No metal heart can remain unmoved by songs such as ‘Crimson Echoes’ or ‘Pay The Price’.

    All the dedication to their craft and tireless work on the road with the likes of Breed 77, Savage Messiah, Praying Mantis, Beholder, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), Neverworld, Alwaid and The Deep, amongst others, has brought Forged In Black to a place of supreme ability and confidence – which can be heard in every note of Sinner Sanctorum. The time for Forged In Black to take their place in the ranks of the metal greats is drawing near...

    Genre: Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Judas Priest | Candlemass | Grand Magus

    Chris Stoz Storozynski - Lead Vocals
    Andy Songhurst - Guitars
    Kieron Rochester - Bass and Vocals
    Chris Bone – Guitars
    Kev Rochester – Drums

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