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Fornace - Deep Melancholic Wrath

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    Today there are too many bands who draw on the mantle of ‘black metal’ like a child’s cloak from a box of fancy dress clothes. They spend as much time painting their faces and polishing their leather and spikes as immersed in their music; as much time clutching replica weapons as their guitars. When you come across a band for whom their music is everything the conviction and dedication radiates from each note, the passion is unmistakable.

    Fornace are one such band, summoned into being by bassist Possessed and drummer/vocalist Gnoll back in 2000, their integrity undeniable. The two men were inspired to create by the early Greek gods, Rotting Christ and Varathron, the music they heard speaking to the music that lay dormant in their own hearts and souls. Three demo tapes were released over the next eight years – Highest Towers in 2002, The Man Who Wanted To Change The World in 2004 and The Awakening in 2008 – each one a testament to Possessed and Gnoll’s original vision. However, after the release of The Awakening, Gnoll stepped down from his role with Fornace, leaving Possessed to carry the banner onwards with a new creative partner, guitarist Mastiff.

    What remained was the unflinching dedication to music over image, music above everything. While different members have come and gone over the last decade, Possessed and Mastiff have carried the Fornace torch, maintaining the raw, impassioned sound of savage black metal, instilling it with the darkest emotions. The power of Fornace has grown with the release of the albums Pregnant Is The Night (AuToDafe/Paragon Records) and in 2014 My Journey Is Ending But The Torment Will Be Eternal (Paragon Records) and now their black flame is burning higher than ever before.

    On November 16th Paragon Records invite you to experience Deep Melancholic Wrath, the third full length album from Fornace and the ultimate distillation of all that they have been on their journey through the endless night. These vast, wandering hymns of regret carry the rusted blades of raw black metal spite, but they’re also torn asunder by the agonies of despair, their bones cracked by the howling icy winds of soul freezing loneliness. The melodies take unexpected turns, surprising as they bind you in chains of agony and beneath it all a black river of conflicted emotion thunders through caverns of utter emptiness. With Deep Melancholic Wrath Fornace have created an album of black metal deeper than midnight and colder than frost in the chambers of your heart, songs that summon up the grief that hides in your nightmares, against which your sanity is helpless. Image is nothing, music is everything and the pain in each tortured note is real.

    Beyond hope...beyond redemption...there is Fornace.

    “...horror, darkness and evil...”

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Necrodeath | Leviathan | The Black | Darkthrone

    Possessed - Bass/Vocals
    Sadomaster - Guitars
    Mastiff - guitars
    Drums on Deep Melancholic Wrath performed by Maniac


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