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Forsaken Eternity - A Kingdom Of Ice

  • Forsaken Eternity


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 8th 2022

    Endlessly desolate, the jagged, frozen contours of the dead world stretch out into the darkness; empty and silent beneath the weak and pallid moon, its lustre fading as the fires of the sun burn down to flickering embers and so much blackened dust. The distant, long extinguished stars look down upon the cold grandeur with their long forgotten, lifeless eyes and chart a world’s last steps into the night. A thousand civilisations, a million loves and a billion tragedies...countless moments of joy and pain, centuries of heartache, hope and faith, all slip like ragged ghosts into eternity, ashes on the wind.

    Finally breaking free of the silencing shackles imposed by the trials and tribulations of life, Portland’s Forsaken Eternity have returned with their monumental full length debut album. A Kingdom Of Ice is a glorious, grandiose, overwhelming tumult of sound; of charging rhythms, swirling keyboards and spiralling guitars. Raw and rabid vocals lead the frantic charge across an otherworldly landscape while breathtaking melodies entwine with cold iron riffs and devastating drumming from Jason ‘The Machine’ Borton (Exmortus, Jungle Rot etc). Symphonic metal, black metal, melodic death metal and power metal elements combine to create a sound that is dramatic, dream-inspiring and the sole province of this remarkable band. The epic ‘Endless Light’ typifies what A Kingdom Of Ice has to offer with its shifting moods and tempos, emotion, atmosphere, tumbling keys and searing solos – Forsaken Eternity have created an album of thrilling magnificence! A Kingdom Of Ice closes with a stunning cover of guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen’s ‘Rising Force’ which provides the perfect ending to this magical metal symphony.

    Now allied with metallic powerhouse Rottweiler Records, Forsaken Eternity are finally in a position to bring their message to the world. On July 8th the summer sun will fade and a freezing storm of metal will descend from the mountains and forests of Oregon. Prepare to enter A Kingdom Of Ice and experience the staggering virtuoso vision of Forsaken Eternity!

    Genre: Symphonic Blackened Metal
    For fans of: Wintersun | Children Of Bodom | Dimmu Borgir | Vesperian Sorrow

    Nathan Mote - Vocals
    Vladimore – Guitar/Bass
    Jason ‘The Machine’ Borton - Drums
    Brian Rush - Keyboards


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  • Forsaken Eternity
  • Forsaken Eternity
  • Forsaken Eternity
  • Forsaken Eternity