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Foul Body Autopsy - Purified Ready To Reclaim

  • Foul Body Autopsy


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 23rd 2020

    “...the unburied dead have been returning to life and seeking human victims.” – Night Of The Living Dead

    While we live in the shadow of a virus it is time to revisit, for one last time, a world cursed by the plague to end all plagues, a world brought low by the ravenous hunger of the undead. All great stories must come to an end, but before we leave the dark fantasy of flesh and resurrection brought to life on Foul Body Autopsy’s This Machine Kills Zombies album, let us join Tom Reynolds for one last look through the blood smeared glass...

    Tom began his story of the end of the world with the March 2018 release of the This Machine Kills Zombies album, inspired by the legendary films of director George E. Romero. The tale continued on the acclaimed 2019 EP The Unquiet Dead and now we turn the final page before closing the book on a dead and empty world. Purified Ready To Reclaim first appeared on This Machine Kills Zombies, but the track has now been completely reworked and reimagined to create this special 2020 single. Alex Micklewright has contributed real drums, replacing the customary Foul Body Autopsy drum machine and Aaron Bright has added keyboards, synths, acoustic guitars and a haunting piano section. Meanwhile Tom has re-recorded all his vocals and all his guitars, using a range of amps from his endorsers, Blackstar. This vibrant new take on a Foul Body Autopsy classic was then mixed and mastered by Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir etc) to give that final sheen of class.

    Tom Reynolds spoke to us candidly about his thoughts on the Purified Ready To Reclaim single and the circumstances surrounding its recording...
    “I am very proud of how this new version of Purified Ready To Reclaim sounds. I was never happy with the original mix on the This Machine Kills Zombies album. I have spent years considering doing a full remix of the album, although I think that releasing this new version of Purified Ready To Reclaim is the sensible option. I am releasing this song on my 28th birthday as a bit of a gift to myself. It's definitely looking like I will not be joining the ‘27 club’ but to be honest I think that's probably a good thing. By the time this statement has gone out, I will have started some form of cognitive behavioural therapy. I will be taking some time away to concentrate on that as well as working on what will be the next Foul Body Autopsy release!”

    So join us for a last walk through the kingdom of the dead, before we turn out the lights forever.

    “You can just sit there in the dark, and think about what you've done...” – Day Of The Dead

    Genre: Melodic Thrash/Death Metal
    For fans of: Dark Tranquillity | Kreator | Insomnium | Revocation

    Tom Reynolds – Guitar/Vocals
    Alex Micklewright - Drums
    Aaron Bright – Keyboards/Synths/Acoustic Guitar/Piano


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  • Foul Body Autopsy
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  • Foul Body Autopsy