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Foul Body Autopsy - Shadows Without Light: Part One

  • Foul Body Autopsy



    Every smile, every word, every tear. Every dream, every touch, every whisper. In the time it takes the hands of the clock to move from one second to the next, they are gone. There is a last breath and then no more and every day thereafter will be without them. Every morning will begin with the knowledge that there is no more of them. Every memory of happiness will carry a thorn of grief, the impossible fact that they are gone.

    It’s no longer a surprise to find that a new release from Foul Body Autopsy offers new levels of musical maturity, that Tom Reynolds’ performances have become more accomplished. The solo artist’s work under the Foul Body Autopsy name has become synonymous with superb, melodic death metal, laced with irresistible guitar lines. Also, since the last Foul Body Autopsy EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts, an honest and open exploration of Tom’s own struggles with mental health issues, the other thing becoming associated with this project is powerful, poignant messages and lyrics that hold out a helping, supportive hand. Shadows Without Light: Part One, the first in a trilogy of linked EPs, offers all those attributes, musical and lyrical and more.

    Musically Shadows Without Light: Part One is the most adventurous release to bear the Foul Body Autopsy name. The three tracks are all variations on the same song, ‘Shadows Without Light’, but they are all radically different. We start with the song’s original mix – melodic death metal with those trademark guitar lines, but with an almost black metal majesty. There’s a sense of the epic, but condensed down into a tight, compact and focussed track and Tom’s vocals have achieved an added depth and resonance. This is followed by the ‘Synth Remix’ interpretation of ‘Shadows...’, instrumental, with a gothic industrial feel – a lighter, less claustrophobically shadowed take on the song. Finally the ‘Hybrid Remix’, as suggested, brings together elements from both mixes, entwining the two to create something different again.

    Lyrically, Shadows Without Light: Part One tackles the pain of personal loss, the grief of losing someone close. Again Tom is speaking from personal experience, working through his own bereavement and hoping to help others with their suffering at the same time. As he explains...

    “Basically it's about going through grief following the death of a loved one. I am doing three singles following my experience going through the grief process and maybe it can help someone else along the way.”

    As for the inclusion of remixes with Shadows Without Light: Part One and each of the subsequent EPs that will follow, Tom says...

    “I added the remixes because I have always loved the idea of 12" singles. The whole idea of them was to make life easier for DJs so you would usually have an extended version of the single for dance clubs, but it later expanded into the original single with remixes and extended versions. I wanted to do something like that with this release and the two following releases, parts two and three.”

    Shadows Without Light... sees the partnership between Tom and famed producer Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir etc) continuing to flourish, with Russ taking an even more active role in this latest project than on Shadows Without Light: Part One – the producer actually creating the Synth Remix track while Tom had a nap on the studio sofa!

    Shadows Without Light: Part One will be released on October 1st on all black memory sticks, which will include superb artwork created by Arif Rot of Wormrot, exclusively from the Foul Body Autopsy bandcamp page.

    Genre: Melodic Death Metal
    For fans of: Dark Tranquillity | In Flames | At The Gates | Soilwork

    All music and vocals performed by Tom Reynolds


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