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Ghost Tower - Head Of Night

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    Today we are surrounded by constant noise, an endless multitude of empty vessels all screaming to be heard, so many of them identical, so many of them characterless without an original thought to share. Even in the world of heavy metal, once a bastion against the vacuous voices of the mainstream, we have to wade through a sea of mediocrity, searching for those true spirits who still speak of dreams rather than social media approval. If you listen hard, through the clamour and white noise of the imitators, those voices are still there; bands with unique character, bands who offer a pathway to a sanctuary of dark fantasy and thrilling sounds. The voices are still there...some all but forgotten by the masses. But then this music was never supposed to be for them...

    Formed in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2007 Ghost Tower were never a band that sought out approval or chased success like a pack of hungry dogs. They existed to give life to their visions, to the music that haunted their hearts and demanded to be heard beyond the confines of their dreams. A self titled demo was released in 2008, followed by the epic debut album Curse Of The Black Blood in 2010 and then, finally, in 2012 they independently released their magnum opus, Head Of Night. Head Of Night is an album like no other. While the band may have been inspired to create by the likes of Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and early Fates Warning the songs they crafted had a unique identity. The haunting voice of Ameven draws you, siren-like, into a fantastical world of spirits and secrets, full of rich, dark atmosphere, driven by electrifying riffs and spiralling guitar leads. This is an album that harks back to the days of the NWOBHM, when every band had an individual character, an intriguing identity and their own stories to tell. With the release of Head Of Night Ghost Tower had told all the stories they were destined to tell and quietly closed the book on their music forever, but these songs refused to die.

    In 2013 MetalPunxRex issued a limited edition cassette of the album and then in 2018 Paragon Records heard the songs of Ghost Tower, still singing from beyond the grave. Paragon are known for supporting artists with imagination and integrity and the label knew that they had to let Ghost Tower’s greatest album be heard by the wider metal world. These songs were too good to be allowed to slip away into silence. With the addition of two killer tracks from Curse Of The Black Blood and one from the Ghost Tower demo, Head Of Night now lives again. Ameven is singing once more and the gateway to Ghost Tower’s world of metal magic stands open, for those with ears to hear what lies behind the noise of the mundane world.

    “...fresh and still with a warm vintage style that is always addictive.”

    Genre: Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Mercyful Fate | Manilla Road | Hellion | The Devil’s Blood

    Mike Biggs - Drums
    Matt Preston – Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
    Ameven - Vocals


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