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Gorevent - Fate

  • Gorevent



    In the twilight world of nuclear winter, where civilisation lies in ruins beneath a sunless, soot-choked sky and ashes drift like snow, the remnants of humanity have been reduced to mindless, feral beasts. Deformed mutants, their bodies ripe with tumours, wracked by the agonies of radiation sickness, their only aspirations to kill, eat and shelter from the eternally chilling cold. The dreams of mankind are forgotten as they crawl back to the caves and a new, brief age of primitivism begins. Ultimately, only perpetual darkness awaits, the winking out of the last light of a proud species, whose inherent savagery is all that keeps their polluted blood pumping for one last meaningless roar against the end.

    If our fate is to die frozen in a wasteland of our own making, then it seems that Gorevent, the kings of Japanese slam death, have been peering into their crystal ball. Their album, the band’s first for Comatose Music, captures the sound of total regression. The aptly entitled Fate is stripped of all finesse and artistic conceit; this is pure, ragged and primitive – the sound of humanity come full circle, ending in blood and darkness as we began. The remorseless riffs slowly grind you into submission as the bass and drums deliver reasonless, blunt force trauma to unsuspecting skulls. The vocals are a rumbling, bubbling, animalistic threat and to stare into the eyes of the Gorevent beast is to look into caverns of emptiness. No thought, no feeling, no empathy...just base brutality. The beating only ceases when your heart stops beating.

    For fifteen years now Gorevent have lurked in the deepest recesses of the brutal death metal underground, delivering a series of albums, EPs and split releases that have stood as blood splattered monoliths in those shadowed catacombs - Teeth Of The Divine hailing their 2008 full length, Abnormal Exaggeration, as one of the greatest examples of extreme brutality ever recorded. That though, was before they had heard the single minded savagery of Fate... Fate is driven by relentless hunger and undiluted primal instinct and with the power of Comatose Music behind them, this is where the story of Gorevent really begins. Treasure the trappings of civilisation while you can, because the end is nigh.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Slam Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Autopsy | Visceral Disgorge | Cephalotripsy

    Gokucho - Vocals
    Suguru - Guitar
    Kasahara - Guitar
    Takasick - Bass
    Metadon - Session Drums


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