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Hell-Born - Natas Liah

  • Hell-Born



    The sun rises once more upon the slopes of Megiddo and the opposing forces greet the dawn with hymns and howls. The Seraphim reach for their shining spears of celestial light and unfurl their six-fold wings; the Nephilim unsheathe their swords of cursed infernal steel and another day in the endless battle is poised to begin. But then a new darkness rises from the ranks of the hell born, towering above the descendants of Cain and casting long shadows of fear over the ranks of heaven. The Lord himself takes the field as the chants rise in a tumult of sound from the bestial throats of the damned...”Natas Liah! Natas Liah! Natas Liah!”

    When some bands return from long years of silence they bring disappointment and a tarnishing of their reputation with them. But others, they bring a glorious shattering of the silence, a fulfilling of hopes and surpassing of expectations in mighty and imperious fashion. From out of the void the hellblast has sounded once more and Hell-Born have returned. Disciples of their devil’s work can rejoice, as these Polish masters of black, death and thrash metal have never sounded more accomplished and powerful. New album, Natas Liah, is everything that Hell-Born have always been – and more. From the first explosive moments of ‘When You Are God’ to the final triumphant declaration of total victory that is ‘Blakk Metal’, the raw muscle and blood of Hell-Born’s classic sound glistens in the fires of battle. Between those rampaging war cries the cruel precision of ‘Uroboros’ and the doom-laden march of ‘Son Of Earth’ present a band that has reached a new peak of confidence and mastery. There is no song on Natas Liah that doesn’t stand proud as one of Hell-Born’s finest creations.

    Featuring guest contributions from Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Behemoth – the band that Hell-Born’s Baal Ravenlock helped to form – Natas Liah is a towering edifice of darkness and extreme metal. Its sound has been perfectly honed by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze Of Perdition etc) and Odium Records now stand shoulder to shoulder with its creators. All the pieces are in place for a new era of darkness to begin! When 2021 begins, be prepared to kneel or die. Hell-Born have returned from the vale of silence and this time there will be no respite until the field is ours!

    Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Venom | Vader | Behemoth | Sodom

    Baal Ravenlock – Bass/Vocals
    Les - Guitars
    Diabolizer - Drums


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