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Imperial Execration - Commanding Satan’s Crusades

  • Imperial Execration



    “...on the Beach / Of that inflamed Sea, he stood and call'd / His Legions, Angel Forms, who lay intrans't / Thick as Autumnal Leaves... Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n.” Paradise Lost – John Milton

    Beneath the multitudinous banners of the lords of Hell they gather in a chittering, growling, bubbling mass of devilry. Like a plague of locusts held in a moment of suspended animation they await the final command, poised to swarm across the earth, creating a second seething inferno – a mirror of the many planes of their eternal home. This green and pleasant land shall be reformed in their own image. As the last rays of the sun’s fading crimson light bleed into the horizon the cry goes up from a million monstrous mouths, screaming as one, ‘Satan wills it!’And the dam breaks. The crusaders of Pandemonium are unleashed upon the world that was denied them.

    At the spearhead of a new assault upon the bulwarks of civilisation come the barbaric horde of Imperial Execration, armed with the rotting horror of their debut album Commanding Satan’s Crusades. This aural abomination will suck the light from your world and plunge you into ineffable darkness. Formed by two Colombian musicians, now relocated to the UK, drummer Ruben Jaramillio (Ataud, Engulfed In Abomination) and guitarist/bassist Eduardo Camargo (Ataud, Goreinhaled, Despondency) this putrid platoon of Satan’s soldiers is completed by the bestial bellows of the infamous Mr Oscarnivore Macias of Carnivore Diprosopus. Together this tormented triad have created six pustulent psalms of inverted sanctity and added to that grim order of service a cover of Dehumanized’s ‘Condemned’. The oppressive weight and choking, claustrophobic horror of tracks like ‘His Ominous Presence’ give a smothering sense of imminent implosion, while the wild brutality of ‘Victory Of The Stygian Empire’ will have the righteous crying out for mercy. Technical and twisted, bludgeoning and battering...never has brutal death metal sounded so unspeakably evil and unremittingly black. This is the sound of the carnage at the world’s end.

    Mixed and mastered for maximum destructive force by Tom Bradfield (Twitch Of The Death Nerve, Iniquitous Savagery, Infected Disarray etc) and given stunning visual impact by the unholy artwork of John Quevedo Janssens (Fleshtorture, Paganizer, Those Who Bring The Torture etc), Commanding Satan’s Crusades will be let loose upon the innocent on December 9th by Comatose Music. Satan wills it – the end is upon us!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Suffocation | Gorgasm | Devangelic | Disentomb

    Mr Oscarnivore Macias - Vocals
    Eduardo Camargo – Guitar/Bass
    Ruben Jaramillio - Drums


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  • Imperial Execration
  • Imperial Execration
  • Imperial Execration
  • Imperial Execration