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Incinerate - Sacrilegivm

  • Incinerate



    Some wars are endless – the war between exalted and fallen, god and devil, angel and beast. For these eternal combatants there is no peace, only infinite pain, infinite bleeding and infinite battle...on the plains of Elysium before the walls of silver, beneath the impossible towers and minarets of paradise; across the molten lava fields of Gehenna in the shadow of the seven gates and behind the veils of belief in the farthest corners of the human eye. No mercy, no peace, no surrender – only implacable hatred and limitless violence ‘til the end of time and beyond.

    The sound and essence of eternal war rages through the veins of Sacrilegivm, the long awaited new album from death metal masters Incinerate; the glory, the bloodlust, the relentless terror, the chaos, confusion and inevitable death, it swarms amongst the surging riffs and rides screaming on the thrilling bullet train of blast beats. The atmosphere is magnificent as towering tracks like ‘Absence Of Divine Power’ unfold, firing the imagination as well as the need to destroy. For all their unfathomable brutality and technical complexity, Incinerate still conjure that wild, dark magic of classic death metal, creating an arena of sound where Death, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse clash with Deeds Of Flesh and Spawn Of Possession, their blood pooling and mixing in the sand. It’s a rare thing for a band to be as staggeringly heavy and intense as Incinerate and still craft genuinely memorable songs, loaded with moments of perfect synchronicity where the right notes, the right feeling, the right delivery combine. This is a death metal master class from a band with more than twenty years of hard campaigning under their bullet belts and the grit, determination and will to kill to stay in the frontline trench for years to come.

    Incinerate signed a new deal with Comatose Music earlier this year and on October 9th this formidable alliance of death metal super powers will unleash Sacrilegivm – an album that is destined to leave a charred and bloody mark in the annals of extreme music history. The sirens are howling, the trumpets have been blown and eternal war is nigh!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Suffocation | Sinister | Deeds Of Flesh | Cryptopsy

    Jesse Watson – Vocals
    Sasha Wilczynski - Bass
    Ted Isac - Guitar
    Jared Deaver - Lead Guitar
    Phil Cancilla - Drums


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