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Insect Inside - The First Shining Of New Genus

  • Insect Inside



    The sound comes first; a faint buzzing on the fringes of your hearing and you know it’s time to get up, to run again – but there’s no energy left in your limbs, no hope left in your heart. They’re getting closer and you can hear the clicking, chittering - a million malevolent minds marching as one. It’s too late to run now and there’s a relief in the resignation...until you see the first of the gleaming carapaces scuttling from the undergrowth, fast becoming a tide of many-legged, many-eyed hunger. Then the panic hits and you start to scream – which simply opens a gateway for the swarm. You are consumed from the inside out, devoured from the outside in...reduced in seconds to a skeletal palace for the briefly sated horde.

    From the Russian city of Zlatoust which overlooks the river Ay, famed for its creation of swords and sabres, beautiful instruments of death, comes the decimating sonic assault of Insect Inside. This band which takes the concept of the ‘power trio’ to unfathomable new levels tell tales of humanity’s utter destruction and complete consumption by an ever-growing army of invertebrates, with their segmented bodies, relentless jaws and insatiable hunger. These visions of primal terror and absolute horror are set to a soundtrack of bludgeoning, battering brutal death metal. Slamming force and unquestionable intent combine on exercises in brute savagery like ‘For The Glory Of Swarm’, ‘Derelict Sanity’ and pulverising first single ‘Posthumous Grief’, which features a rabid guest vocal from Kevin Muller of The Merciless Concept. Also adding some vocal venom to this inhuman album are Roman (Abnormity) and Kirill Nazarov (Disfigurement Of Flesh, Decomposition Of Entrails), but it’s the sheer musical power of Insect Inside that makes this album such a head-caving success. These fiercely focussed songs will have you slamming like your life depends on it!

    Lured into the web of Gore House Productions, Insect Inside are now primed to unleash the fear infused death metal of The First Shining Of New Genus on an unsuspecting world. February 19th is the date decreed for the destruction of mankind, so abandon all hope and prepare to become fodder for the insect war machine!

    Presale link: Gore House Productions

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Korpse | Kraanium | Gorevent | Skinless

    Dmitry Borisyuk - Vocals
    Michail Lukoyanov – Guitar, Bass
    Daniil Sementsov - Drums


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