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Inverted Matter - Detach

  • Inverted Matter



    In the deep places where no splinter of light has ever slipped between the layers of impenetrable darkness, an ancient power lies fermenting in the bitter juices of its own malice. It breeds rapaciously with the sightless, mutated dwellers of the underworld and over dark decades becomes the violent heart of a legion of endlessly multiplying monstrosities. They tear at each other, birthing, consuming, seething in this pit of brutality until the hidden caverns can no longer contain them. They claw frantically upwards through the rock and earth, driven by unreasoning rage and a bloodlust born of madness. Ever upwards ‘til they break through the skin of the earth like pus from a wound, boiling out in a stream of pestilence - and the harvesting of humanity begins...

    All the greatest death metal emerges from the depths, from the catacombs of dark imaginings and hypnotising horrors and with their debut album, Detach, Inverted Matter have sculpted a savage beast to stand beside the most renowned of monsters. The glorious, surging power of these edifices of extreme sound is exhilarating. The malignant, memorable riffs stand tall upon the stunning drumming of Michael Smith, the man who supplied the furious heartbeat to classic Suffocation albums like Effigy Of The Forgotten and Breeding The Spawn. His bewildering fills twist through breathtaking contortions before coalescing into pure velocity and power. The imperious vocals of Gianluigi Giacon summon up the vengeful ghosts of classic Morbid Angel with their piercing clarity and intimidating force. Nightmarishly beautiful solos howl and cry above sweetly structured tracks like ‘Foreigner’, while ‘Facility’ slips between frenzied fever and haunting lucid dreaming. Detach is one of the death metal albums of the year and Inverted Matter are the new dark gods of the underground.

    In their previous incarnations as Cyanide Christ and Inverted, Inverted Matter had shown signs of their punishing potential, but with Detach they have exceeded all expectations. When Lethal Scissor Records unleash this beast of an album into the winter night, fans of true death metal will hear its blood-curdling cry and respond in kind. A new king of beasts has arrived, from the crypts to the arena. Let the killing begin...

    Presale link: Lethal Scissor Records

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Morbid Angel | Immolation | Suffocation | Death

    Gianluigi Giacon - Vocals
    Andrea Tochetto - Guitar
    Jason Nealy - Guitar
    Michael Smith - Drums
    Leonardo "Lispio" Langaro - Bass


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