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Kevin Lawry

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    Kevin Lawry - The Shadows Stole The Dawn

    Label: KLM

    Release Date: 11.11.16

    It’s been a long journey for Kevin Lawry to reach this defining moment in his musical career. Beginning with the epic doom of Silent Winter, through his contributions to Khthon, to the increasingly progressive Crowned In Earth, each release has seen Kevin reveal a little more of his musical personality. With each album he has shaken off another shackle, freed himself from another preconception and finally, now, after more than a decade of growth and development he is ready to be completely and only himself.

    The Shadows Stole The Dawn is an intensely personal album, but so honest and open that it speaks to everyone; its stories unique and individual but its themes universal. With the last remnants of his past mantles cast aside, Kevin is able to let his music flow directly from his heart and the guitar playing in particular throughout The Shadows Stole The Dawn is a revelation. Every chord, each individual note rings out with emotion, playing a vital role in the telling of Kevin’s stories. There’s a freshness in the tone and you can almost taste the abundant possibilities...

    Explaining the thoughts behind his decision to work solo and under his own name Kevin says:
    “I feel that now is the time to move on and begin a fresh musical chapter without expectations of what a previous band name and history might suggest, to continue creating engaging music without boundaries! It’s the end of a long era but an open door to a whole new musical landscape!”

    If you choose to step through that doorway with Kevin you’ll discover a truly beautiful landscape of music to explore. The longer you wander through its hills and valleys the more you’ll come to love it. The Shadows Stole The Dawn is an album that will stay with you long after the last note has faded.

    Genre: Progressive Rock
    For fans of: Genesis | Caravan | Camel

    Kevin Lawry – All music & Vocals

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