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Krepuskul - Hybrid

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    RELEASE DATE: 15/02/18

    Transylvania is a land steeped in myth and legend, known for its mist shrouded forests, ancient peaks and darkly dreaming castles...but if you listen, there’s a voice shouting loud from the Transylvanian heartland, the voice of a band that stands firmly in the present, looking to the future not the past, a band screaming at the world to wake the fuck up! Krepuskul are here to shake you from complacency, to blast the cobwebs of sleep from your brain, to open your eyes, re-energise your brain and light a fire in your heart.

    Since 2007 Krepuskul have been raging against the machine with their powerful modern metal, playing hundreds of shows with the likes of Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Dark Tranquillity and Evergrey, storming stages at major festivals like Bloodstock Open Air with Machine Head and Alice Cooper. Wherever they travel they make an impact and win fans to their cause – Metallized.it described their live performance as “just perfect” and One Metal were left stunned by their ability to “charm the audience”.

    Now the Romanian road warriors have unleashed their most powerful and potent album to date – Hybrid. Hybrid brings together nine tracks that all exude passion, musicality, drive and energy, verve and vigour. Be it the great drumming, powerful vocals and driving riffs of ‘Awake 17’, the crushing combination of sonic elements that form the multifaceted ‘The Disciples’ or the raging yet musically playful ‘Psychotherapy’ – wherever you turn Hybrid hits hard with its commanding call to arms. Marrying death metal power to complex rhythms, deep rooted emotion and a primal roar in the face of a society sleepwalking to its doom, Hybrid is a vibrant, vital explosion of sound.

    “Fake doctrines, institutions of hatred, compulsive consumers – we’ll always deny them.
    We stand under no flag but the black flag – we bow to no-one.
    The changing starts now, now we know who we are – the future starts now!”

    - Under The Black Flag

    Genre: Metal
    For fans of: Sepultura | Machine Head | Lamb Of God | In Flames

    Andu Anches - Bass, Vocals
    Alex Tarocco - Drums
    Marcel Rusu - Guitar, Vocals
    Mario Ioanici - Guitar


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