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Lee Aaron - Radio On!

  • Lee Aaron


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 23rd 2021

    It’s been a long time since it really felt like the sun was shining. The last year we’ve stumbled through gloom and fear under steel grey skies, with our friends and family kept at arm’s length. But now the clouds are starting to break and as the days get warmer, over the horizon comes Lee Aaron with an album of pure rock’n’roll sunshine. The Canadian siren is here with an album that is everything we need right now; a strength giving, heart lifting celebration of brighter days ahead and all those beautiful memories of summers past.

    “Crank it up in a car, be exactly who you are, ‘cause everyone’s a rock ‘n’ roll star!” – Radio On!

    Radio On! is an album for warm days, long nights and endless weekends. It’s the taste of cold beer and a jukebox full of your favourite songs; it’s the sass, strut and style that only great rock can give you. Every song for this album was written over a single magical weekend, just Lee and her band - drummer John Cody, bassist Dave Reimer, and guitarist Sean Kelly – tearing it up and loving every minute of it. The sweat and excitement, the energy and passion have transferred themselves perfectly to the fizzing grooves of tracks like ‘Cmon’ and ‘Soho Crawl’, bringing Radio On! to electric life. Speaking about that incredible weekend, lost in a creative rock whirlwind, Lee says...

    “I had this crazy idea, that if we locked ourselves in a room for a couple days and the only agenda was to have FUN and tap into the influences that inspired us as teenagers, it would be interesting to see what happened. I think we even surprised ourselves!"

    Lee Aaron has been delivering stunning albums for nearly four decades now, her career spanning heavy metal, melodic rock, jazz and blues. From the iconic Metal Queen to the multi-platinum Body Rock, the smooth warmth of Slick Chick to the breathtaking rock revival of Fire And Gasoline, one thing has never changed – the power and passion of Lee’s matchless voice. Remarkably she has never sounded better than on Radio On!, her depth, range and ability to transport listeners into the stories of her lyrics more potent than ever. Indeed, everything on this exhilarating record sounds superb, thanks in no small part to the mixing and mastering skills of Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen)...

    "Mike and I knew of each other, and had always wanted to work together; the timing was perfect this time around. He's got incredible ears and we were looking for those huge, organic guitar tones and powerful but unaffected vocal sounds he gets. He really 'got it' and captured the real soul of the Lee Aaron sound.” – Lee Aaron

    Radio On! will be released on June 18th through Metalville Records, continuing a successful partnership that began with 2018s Diamond Baby Blues. Make sure you’re ready for this one, because it’s no exaggeration to say that Radio On! is one of the highlights of Lee Aaron’s storied career. Summer’s coming and it’s time to rock!

    Genre: Rock

    Lee Aaron - Vocals
    Dave Reimer - Bass
    Sean Kelly - Guitar
    John Cody - Drums


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  • Lee Aaron
  • Lee Aaron
  • Lee Aaron
  • Lee Aaron
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