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Meathook - Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

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    The sick in mind and spirit sleep uneasily. When their eyes close their brains become playgrounds for their tortured fantasies and the terrors that have chased them into madness. Every dream is a nightmare, every nightmare a screaming horror beyond the ability of the sane to conceive. Behind their flickering eyelids they stumble through coils of entrails, search the bleeding halls of temples made of flesh, boil in cauldrons of dead bodies...and when they are awakened, by the lingering stench of death, they return to their silent, dark reality with new stories to tell; new songs to sing to their silent, desiccated friends who reward them with rictus grins and dry, dusty kisses...

    If the dreams of the deranged could be captured in music, if the tales of their sleeping journeys through kingdoms of the unspeakable and grotesque were vomited out from the mouths of demons, then you would have the sound of Meathook – the essence of Crypts, Coffins, Corpses... Twisted riffs with the consistency of a fetid swap of gore, drums relentlessly attacking, cracking like a million splintering bones, a bass that dredges the dark places of the earth and a voice that cannot be human – Meathook have gone beyond the borders of sanity and returned with horrors unimaginable. Squirm beneath the ravaging onslaught of ‘Placed Upon The Altar’, experience the unparalleled brutality of ‘Purification Through Pain’. This is the most potent distillation of brutal death metal, unrelenting in its utter extremity.

    Six years on from the cruel assault of their Facing Deformity album, the Gonzales brothers and their fiendish friends in Meathook are back - and their depraved inclinations have only become more sickening with the passage of time. Now with the backing of that powerhouse of the extreme, Unmatched Brutality Records, no one is safe from the predations of Meathook. As the new year begins a new age of dark dreams and devastation will dawn. Say goodbye to quiet nights and untroubled sleep because terror is coming.

    Presale link: Unmatched Brutality Records

    “...one of the most monstrous vocals of the genre...”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Ingested | Terrordrome

    Mars Gonzales - Vocals
    Elliot Thomas - Bass
    Robin Mack - Guitar
    Aaron Gonzales - Guitar
    Johnny Gonzales - Drums


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