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Meister Leonhardt - Thanatopoeia

  • Meister Leonhardt


    RELEASE DATE: MARCH 21st 2024

    “Phase transition from a fleshbag to dirt, scars of passage
    on the face of the earth
    Foam of loss solidifies as soil, maggots swirl in loathsome lace
    that’s never to uncoil…”
    - Tomb Ore – Meister Leonhardt

    This dream began so long ago I fear it may never end. I will walk this path of ice forever, a gleaming bridge through the impenetrable darkness, flickering diamonds in the torchlight. It leads me through the dark, but only further into the endless black. The voices of ghosts, spirits capricious and malicious my only companions, as I stumble on through the soul-searing cold, through the night country, through this world of death…

    Thanatopoeia, the debut full length album from Meister Leonhardt, is as raw as frostbite, as cold as death…there is no comfort to be found here; only a howling blizzard of choking darkness, an unbearable emptiness that can never be filled. This is black metal pared to the bone, leaving only its chilling, hopeless essence. Perfectly formed from ashes, decay, ice and spite, these eight arias to despair are shattering hammer blows to the illusions we hide behind on our bitter stagger from womb to tomb. The jarring melodies of ‘Fulcrum’ are like a carousel possessed, broken nails tearing skin as its rotting hands caress your spine. ‘The Imago Paradigm’ leads a tribe of mouldering skeletons in a rattling dance as they revel in their oblivion; a morbid celebration of death and dying, of endings and the nothingness that lies at the end of our road of tears. Strident riffs and merciless rhythms, skin flaying blasts and twists of gothic ritual…Thanatopoeia is glorious in its nihilistic onslaught. From the opening chimes of ‘Bliss Of Impermanence’ that summon visions of the vast, eternal void to the wounding, unreasoning wickedness of ‘Taphotaxis’, that accompanies your final surrender to this melancholy draught, laced with gut-eating poison. Drawing on all their collective experience within the deepest pits of the underground, the members of Meister Leonhardt have carved out an obsidian monolith of sound – implacable, remorseless and unfathomable.

    “A filth to be born, a failure to grow, a misery to live through…”
    - The Imago Paradigm – Meister Leonhardt

    In the three years that have passed since Meister Leonhardt released their first, self-titled mini-album there have been changes in the make-up of this darkest of entities – a new rhythm section has been initiated into the cult – but the dedication to the dark has only increased. Thanatopoeia leads the listener into previously unexplored depths, confronting them with the harshest truths and the most unbearable of realities. This masterpiece of bleakness and horror will be unveiled by Purity Through Fire on March 21st – and from then there will be no way back to the light.

    “We’re all in the night country now…”
    - Otis Heiss (True Detective)

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Carpathian Forest | Taake | Darkthrone | Craft

    Vaarwel – Voice/Text
    RDSL – Guitar/Music
    M - Guitar
    I. Rex - Bass
    D. - Drums


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  • Meister Leonhardt
  • Meister Leonhardt
  • Meister Leonhardt
  • Meister Leonhardt