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Mind Enemies - Revenge

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    RELEASE DATE: 01/02/18

    It’s not often that you come across an album that combines an individuality of sound with technical prowess and an accessabilty of song writing. It’s even rarer to find such an album created entirely by one man...

    Giuseppe Caruso is not your average metal musician. He has studied percussion and guitar at some of the finest music colleges in Italy, taught percussion at the Institute of Science Poerio in Foggia and has experience of drumming with both thrash and traditional metal bands. Giuseppe started the Mind Enemies project in 2010 and recorded his first songs at Nadir Music in 2011, under the guidance of Tommy Talamanca of progressive death metallers Sadist. In 2013 the first Mind Enemies EP was released and The Darkest Way received great reviews from around the world, with Metal Rules professing to being “blown away” by this first offering. A tour of Russia followed before Guiseppe settled down to work on the first full length Mind Enemies album...

    Revenge combines immaculately structured songs with wonderful, spiralling lead work that lifts everything to another level. Guiseppe’s six string wizardry is breathtaking at times, but always woven expertly into the fabric of the songs it adorns, filling each song with life and colour. Songs like ‘My World’ balance intricate rhythm work and complex riffs with simple, melodic vocal lines, giving that accessible quality to the virtuoso music. Each song captures different moods and feelings, with the positivity of ‘Dream Time’ providing a bright contrast to the contemplative ‘The Dark Life’. Revenge is an album of depth that rewards repeated listening, revealing more with each play, although the dextrous solos can spellbind in an instant.

    Revenge was first unveiled in late 2017, but with little promotional support its arrival went criminally unnoticed. Now the album is heading out into the world with the fanfare it deserves, where it will surely be welcomed with open arms by fans of top quality metal music.

    Genre: Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Dream Theater | Nevermore | Tool | Engine

    Giuseppe Caruso – voice, guitar, drums and bass


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