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Moon Reaper - Descent

  • Moon Reaper


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 30th 2021

    Descending from the eternal darkness that lurks between the stars, that ineffable absence of light that seems to seethe with a hunger that could consume galaxies in the moment of silence between two heartbeats, from that blackness beyond night he comes – with the fate of a world in his cold, dry hands and the dust of countless species and civilisations found wanting, drifting in his wake. The echoes of their final screams hang in the air around him, anguish on the edge of hearing. Our day of reckoning is here.

    As heavy as judgement and as expansive as the sky, Moon Reaper present their debut EP, Descent. Blending elements of doom, post, progressive, black and sludge metal, drawing inspirations from across a vast spectrum and then weaving them together to create something remarkable and new – it’s difficult to belief that Descent is the work of an essentially new band. There is so much going on in each song on Descent, so many nuances and disparate elements and yet they all fit seamlessly into a streamlined structure. Take the mournful, lilting melodies of ‘Clockwork’ that combine with a spirit crushing power as the song builds and builds through deftly constructed layers; or the echoing sorrows of 'Godeater' that transform into something driving and momentous, a feat of force and control. Every musical element, from drums to vocals, to guitars and bass, possess formidable might and muscle but also a diversity of approach and dextrous touch. Descent is a staggering achievement that will captivate listeners and leave them hungry for the next chapter in the Moon Reaper story.

    July 30th is the date decreed, when Descent will be loosed from its chains to bring its foundation shaking, heart-quaking power to the masses. Moon Reaper have created something to challenge any release you will hear this year, a piece of work that will leave an indelible impression on all who encounter its profound power. Prepare to be crushed!

    Genre: Progressive Blackened Doom Metal
    For fans of: Conjurer | Inter Arma | Wren | Thou

    Morgan Cradick – Vocals/Guitar
    Aidan Rutter - Bass
    Zack Esposito - Drums
    Noah Burns - Guitar


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