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My Silent Wake - An Unbroken Threnody

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    My Silent Wake - An Unbroken Threnody (2005-2015)

    Label: Stone Groove Records

    Release date: 08.02.16

    Having taken great strides last year with the release of their most powerful album to date – Damnatio Memoriae – My Silent Wake decided it was time to take a glance back over their collective shoulders and reflect on their ten years as a band. What better way to celebrate that journey of music, friendships, critical acclaim and never-ending hard work than with a compilation of their finest work? A compilation that includes material from their fourth ever gig, from vinyl only releases, from classic albums, fan favourites and band favourites, all freshly remastered – not to mention a new and exclusive song. An Unbroken Threnody 2005 – 2015 has all of this, along with sleeve notes from Ian Arkley – the band’s constant, creative force – and beautiful artwork from Matt Vickerstaff, known for his work with My Dying Bride, Autopsy, Mayhem and many more.

    As a thank you to all those fans who support them by purchasing a copy of An Unbroken Threnody, My Silent Wake have added something special to the album package. Each CD purchased will come with a download code, giving access to nearly two hours of remastered, classic material, making An Unbroken Threnody a truly essential purchase.

    For those who have walked this road with My Silent Wake since the beginning, An Unbroken Threnody will be a wonderful trip through treasured memories, for those drawn in by the dark drama of Damnatio Memoriae it will be a gateway to the rich and varied history of this magnificent band. Then there will be many who have yet to uncover the magic of My Silent Wake and An Unbroken Threnody lays out an array of treasures at their feet, an almost overwhelming plethora of riches. And this is no ending, no melancholy goodbye, rather the beginning of the next volume in the story of My Silent Wake. There is so much more to come...but for now, let’s sit awhile and reflect on bleak glories past.

    Genre: Doom/Death Metal
    For fans of: Paradise Lost | My Dying Bride | Indesinence


    Ian Arkley – Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Synth, Cello, Keyboards, Percussion and Ebow
    Addam Westlake – Bass
    Gareth Arlett – Drums
    Simon Bibby – Keyboards
    Mike Hitchen - Rhythm Guitar

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