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NecroticGoreBeast - Human Deviance Galore

  • NecroticGoreBeast



    Beneath the dull and fading radiance of a dying sun the festering mess of a rotting populace writhe and swarm in oblivious, angry ignorance. The world may have become a decaying abattoir, drowning in excrement and depravity but their obsessions remain the same; one more kill, one more high, one more rush of twisted, ecstatic release...one more act of dominance, one more forced submission and one more handful of worthless wealth. There is no quest for survival or striving for rebirth, no dreams for future generations, only an endless brutal fight to be crowned the king of death. To be the one to stand atop the sky scraping mountain of corpses and scream out “I will be the last to die!”

    Tearing their way through the brutal death metal pack, reducing them all to a gaggle of squabbling children whose trivial rivalries are an irrelevance, NecroticGoreBeast have returned. The Quebecois war machine that laid siege to the underground extreme metal scene with their skull crushing, self titled debut album (-featured in the Metal Hammer writers Albums of 2019) are about to unveil their latest monument to absolute malicious force, their latest claim to the throne of heaviest band in the goddamn world! With stunning musical dexterity, the most inhuman vocal delivery imaginable, lyrical concepts from beyond the borders of insanity and riffs that can break bones, Human Deviance Galore is a staggering, obscene creation. Somehow NecroticGoreBeast have found another level of power, a new dimension of ferocity that leaves even their fearsome debut scattered like dust in the wind. Combining wicked intricacy with the earth-scorching might of an artillery barrage, warped masterpieces like ‘Leaking Stoma Intercourse’ and ‘Feeding On Abscess’ are ripping at the boundaries of extremity, while the slithering sickness of ‘Abnormal Postmortem Impregnation’ will leave the most hardened fan of brutal death metal breathless and broken. All the NecroticGoreBeast trademarks are here on Human Deviance Galore – the imperious indifference, the relentless savagery, the warped, black humour and the breathtaking skill – and all turned up to the max.

    Marching once more under the Comatose Music banner, NecroticGoreBeast are armed to the teeth and ready to destroy. On October 1st Human Deviance Galore will be unleashed, setting new standards for brutal death metal as it executes a scorched earth policy of musical devastation. Nothing will withstand the onslaught!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Internal Bleeding | Abominable Putridity | Kraanium

    John Mayer - Vocals
    Michael Chamberland - Guitar
    JP Bouchard - Drums
    Alexandre Brochu – Bass


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  • NecroticGoreBeast