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Neverworld - Dreamsnatcher

  • neverworld
    Neverworld - Dreamsnatcher (Dream Demon Recordings)

    Label: Dream Demon Recordings

    Release date: 04.03.16

    Two years on from Visions Of Another World it is time to return to Neverworld! The gateway has opened again and you are invited to step once more into the realm where all your metal dreams – and nightmares – come true; but this time the Dreamsnatcher is waiting for you...

    Harder and heavier, yet also more melodic and refined, with their second album Neverworld offer you more of everything that they summoned up on their exhilarating Visions Of Another World debut. This is the Neverworld sound honed to perfection. Full of crisp, classic metal riffs, sublimely constructed songs with irresistible melodic progressions and fantastic solos that bring to mind the finest work of the fabled Judas Priest duo K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton. Wrapped around all this are the rich keyboards which add texture, atmosphere and bombast, filling the songs with an array of bright colours and deep shadows.

    In a world of fragmented genres and sub-genres, ever changing trends and scenes Neverworld stand true for magnificent heavy metal in all its glory, power and passion. In these soaring vocals, thundering drums and spiralling, cascading solos you’ll find the reasons why you fell in love with metal in the first place.

    The door to Neverworld is open again...step through and never look back.

    A selection of press feedback included:

    “An atmosphere that would chill Tim Burton.” – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE
    “...bristling with riffage and roaring with solos...” – DANGERDOG REVIEWS
    “Reigniting the fire of metal...” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE
    “...atmospheric and loaded with an impressive mixture of guitars and keyboards.” – SEA OF TRANQUILITY
    “...musical prowess and majestic presentation...” – BRUTALISM
    “Atmospheric, catchy, memorable, rocking, progressive...” – WONDERBOX METAL
    “Epic riffs, soaring guitar solos and some of the best male melodic vocals you will hear...” – PICTARAM
    “...serious rocking and a hell of a lot of fun.” – MAN OF MUCH METAL

    Interviews also appeared courtesy of ZERO TOLERANCE, BATTLE HELM, WONDERBOX METAL, BRUTALISM and more...

    Genre: Heavy Metal
    For fans of: Judas Priest | Savatage | Vicious Rumors

    Ben Colton – Lead Guitar / Vocals
    Mike Vaughan – Drums
    Gary Payne – Bass
    Jack Foster – Guitar
    Daniel Potter – Keyboards

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