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Ofnus - Time Held Me Grey And Dying

  • Ofnus


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 30th 2023

    “These are but dreaming men. Breathe, and they fade.”
    - Dylan Thomas

    I walk without ceasing, without pause for rest or sustenance. My footsteps carry me over the rugged mountain passes, through the flower dusted meadows and along the cold and windswept shorelines. Yet no matter what vistas are spread before me, my eyes see nothing, for my spirit stalks darker halls than these. Internally I wander the shadowed colonnades of my grief, the black kingdoms of sorrow that will never see the sun. I gaze into the crimson, abyssal wounds that rend my heart, gasp in the cold waters of desolation that fall in unbroken cascades of agony about my soul. Two journeys, within and without, both solitary and never ending…

    Painting the broad canvasses of expansive soundscapes in the cold, twilit hues of emotive black metal, with their debut album, Time Held Me Grey And Dying, Ofnus seek to reunite listeners with their own melancholy, to set their feet upon a path that will lead them down into the darkness within, to the abandoned temples of sorrow, silence and solitude. Ofnus interweave searing emotion and towering drama, creating a remarkable balance between delicate intimacy and thunderous pomp and circumstance. The disparate elements of their music – the magnificent guitar solos, the shifting tempos, the fiercely intense vocal exhortations, the devastating drums and enticing melodies – are all drawn together beneath a shroud of dreams and sadness. From the aching lilt of ‘Grains Of Sand’ to the heart-stopping emotional power of ‘The Endless Grey’, the introspective reflection of ‘Monody’ to the blackened, ashen grandeur of ‘Exulansis’ and the metallic might of ‘Fading Dreams’, Time Held Me Grey And Dying is a vast tome of tales to be discovered. And throughout every chapter, the whispering ghosts of forgotten grief will light sparks of pain in the cold ashes of your memories.

    Despite only forming in the winter of 2021, Ofnus have carved out a debut album of magnificent accomplishment, captivating atmosphere and rare emotional power. Recorded at Woodcraft Audio (Brutality Will Prevail, The Drowning etc) and Necroshroud Studios (Black Pyre, Entität etc) Time Held Me Grey And Dying sounds rich and deep, textured and all enveloping. Adorned in the unsettling, evocative artwork of Robert F Pangborn, with band logo designed by Moga Alexandru (Saor, Zgard, Winterfylleth etc), the album will be released by respected Finnish label Naturmacht Productions on June 30th. Be ready to descend into the deep places of your heart, where the darkness is ineffable and the sorrow unimaginable…

    Genre: Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal
    For fans of: Saor | Fuath | Sojourner | Drudkh

    William Philpot - Vocals/Lyrics
    Richard Rees - Bass
    Alyn Hunter - Rhythm Guitar/Composer
    James Ponsford - Lead Guitar
    Ethan Rees-Spargo - Drums/Lyrics


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