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Once Upon the End - Archive 200

  • Once Upon The End


    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 5th 2024

    “We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed,
    a few people cried, most people were silent.”
    – J. Robert Oppenheimer

    They walk the wastelands of a world laid low by climate catastrophe, greed and humanity’s insatiable lust for power. Five bards of a dystopian near-future they carry their bandolier of songs through a broken landscape, bringing tales of hope, tragedy and dire lessons that must never be forgotten to the isolated and alone. And all of their ballads of an age forsaken, a once great civilisation brought down, begin with the same portentous words…Once Upon the End…

    Hailing from Paris, the city of lights, Once Upon the End are a melodic death metal band that look beyond those fabled lights and into the hungry darkness that waits at the end of mankind’s calamitous path. Their songs are set in the last days of the world as we know it and in the shattered kingdom of nightmares that lies on the other side of our self-inflicted doom. Their impending EP, Archive 200, features a blend of new songs and past classics, completely re-worked and re-recorded with the stunning vocals of recent recruit Ezalyr. Ezalyr’s voice possesses a magnificent duality, blending towering melodic strength with a raw, impassioned, caustic rasp that rides upon the surging waves of power generated by the band’s momentous riffs. ‘We Are The Dead’ – an ode to the survivors of Once Upon the End’s conceptual apocalypse – is a perfect illustration of everything this exceptional band has to offer; beginning with a haunting melodic introduction that explodes into a ravenous swarm of guitars. Elsewhere solos spiral into the heavens while a roaming bass presence weaves an underlying layer of sonorous, unspoken words. The drums provide an unflinching intensity and unstoppable momentum throughout every subtle shift in tempo and that fierce, blazing vocal seizes your attention in an unbreakable grip. Yet for all its magnificence ‘We Are The Dead’ does not stand alone on the landscape of ruin that is Archive 200 – ‘Dying Concrete’ bears witness to the collapse of human society with a fizzing energy and majestic choruses, ‘Moon Scavengers’ boasts some of the finest riffs you will ever hear as it shifts between moods and rhythms with an effortless, accomplished poise, while ‘The Old Ones’ provides a breathtaking, multi-faceted conclusion to a truly remarkable melodic death metal collection.

    It’s been eight years since Once Upon the End began the exploration of their dark, fantastical world and the journey is becoming more enthralling and exciting with every release. Their 2021 debut album, The Next Chapter, was an impressive piece of work, but with Archive 200 this French band have really thrust their standard into the torn soil of the melodic death metal battlefield and issued a daunting challenge to all. Mastered by Frédéric Gervais (Pensées Nocturnes, Glorior Belli, In The Woods etc) Archive 200 sounds crisp and clear, yet richly textured, making the most of every nuance and detail in these fine songs. On April 5th step across the threshold into a chilling vision of the future and embrace the incredible song craft, musicianship and sheer power of Once Upon the End.

    Genre: Melodic Death Metal
    For fans of: Arch Enemy | In Flames | Dark Tranquillity | Soilwork

    Ezalyr - Vocals
    Groly - Bass
    Loerk - Guitar
    Koal - Guitar
    Tentrom - Drums


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  • Once Upon the End
  • Once Upon the End
  • Once Upon the End
  • Once Upon the End