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Oneiric Celephais - The Obscure Sibyl

  • Oneiric Celephais


    RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 07th 2020

    Like a boiling cauldron of snakes the possibilities of our futures writhe and squirm, seething probabilities forming momentary pathways – open, then blocked in the blink of an all seeing eye. An ever changing map of infinite crossroads, a formidable chaos of numberless conclusions; tragedies, glories and small heartbreaks. Looking from above the oracle discerns pattern within pandemonium and order in disarray. With second sight and steady hand she reaches into the tumult and grasps the thread, the one among the many and all falls into place. The beginning and the end and the places in between...be they many or be they few.

    The Obscure Sybil, the debut EP from Oneiric Celephaïs, is a sweetly structured collection of beautifully melodic, staggeringly technical death metal. It’s a wild dance of cascading notes that flicker like light across water and riffs that slice and pierce from unexpected angles, with the rapier precision of a master swordsman. It’s glorious spiralling solos and surging, thunderous dark depths of sound, from which the otherworldly bass work of Francesco Mazzino Pietro Fambrini climbs out into the light...and it is perfect pools of stillness and wonder amongst the fiercely fractured blasts. Stray too close to the heart of Oneiric Celephaïs and you’ll become lost in the frenetic movement, the bewildering array of tones and tempos...but step back and look down, like the oracle gazing into the threads of time and the pattern is clear, the cohesive form and perfect plan. This is a breathtaking blend of musicality and fiery intensity, the exact distillation of all that technical death metal can offer. Hailing from Florence, Oneiric Celephaïs have drawn inspiration from the works of Obscura and Spawn of Possession, but in their light, deftness of touch is a spark of pure originality which lifts them above the many simple imitators.

    The unique creative alchemy which has brought The Obscure Sibyl to life also promises a myriad of magical music to come, which is why Gore House Productions have signed the band to a multi-album deal – something of a rarity in the current economic climes. However, when The Obscure Sibyl is unveiled on August 07th the wisdom of that arrangement will be plain for all to see. Predicting the future may be a tricky business, but the road ahead for Oneiric Celephaïs is sure to be one that scales the heights of critical acclaim. Be ready to open your hearts and minds and welcome the wonders of The Obscure Sibyl.

    Presale link: Gore House Productions

    Genre: Melodic Technical Death Metal
    For fans of: Death | Obscura | Spawn Of Possession | Gory Blister

    Federico Giusti – Vocals/Lead Guitars
    Emilio Lucchesi - Guitars
    Francesco Mazzino Pietro Fambrini - Bass
    Emiliano Burchi - Drums


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  • Oneiric Celephais
  • Oneiric Celephais
  • Oneiric Celephais
  • Oneiric Celephais