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Opensight - Mondo Fiction: The Director's Cut

  • Opensight


    RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 25th 2023

    In a darkened room, safe from the world, in a place where life makes sense to me. Hidden from their barbed comments and disparaging gaze I lose myself in murder, mystery and monsters. I ride the badlands with a gun at my side and her eyes follow me as I walk across the crowded floor. I drive like a madman through the city streets, adrenaline rushing through my veins and wait in the shadows for my victim to appear. I live life and take life, I dance and I love with a passion I could never express in their reality. I die beautiful deaths with the perfect final words; a hero, an enigma, a devil, a saviour, a man with no name. All I could ever want, could ever dream of, is in here with me and I never want to leave…

    Opening with the dramatic fanfare of ‘In Here With Us’, metal innovators Opensight’s last album, Mondo Fiction, resplendent in its Sollo Macello (Ennio Morricone, Ghost, High On Fire) artwork , is a glorious love letter to the silver screen; in particular the imagination, the thrills, the grand guignol of genre cinema and grindhouse films. Each song on this fantastic, fantastical release takes listeners on a journey through the worlds of vintage crime, classic westerns, horror and mystery from the cinematic vault. From dark alleyways to haunted graveyards via glamorous parties, seedy bars and vast deserts decorated in towering cacti and sun-bleached cow skulls, Mondo Fiction takes you there. And now it’s time to buy another ticket to ride on this train of dreams, as Opensight unveil Mondo Fiction, The Director’s Cut! Hugely expanded, with an array of atmospheric instrumental versions of album tracks this is the ultimate version of the Mondo Fiction thrill ride! The illusions that Opensight weave are created not simply by song lyrics, but through the adventurous music, which embraces the sounds and styles of each cinematic world they visit – so these new instrumental tracks offer a genuinely exciting new take on the Mondo Fiction songs. Engineered and mixed by Will Maya (Breed 77, The Answer, The Heretic Order) each vibrant element of these meticulously crafted tracks can be appreciated to the full. Be aware that some of the Mondo Fiction instrumental bonus tracks will be made available prior to release, exclusively through the Opensight Director’s Cult mailing list. Sign up to get involved! And keep your eyes on that rear view mirror because there’s a brand new Opensight video coming up fast – and it’s armed, dangerous and stopping for no one!

    Released digitally on August 25th Mondo Fiction The Director’s Cut is an enthralling and all encompassing listen that will offer a fabulous escape from the mundanity and pressures of the everyday world. If you have yet to discover the vibrant diversity of Opensight’s music then this is the perfect opportunity to climb aboard, as their greatest work to date rides again. If you already know just how special the songs of Mondo Fiction are, then prepare to be transported even deeper into their kingdom of the imagination. Saddle up, start the car, holster the Walther PPK and be sure to pack the holy water – it’s time to go!

    Genre: Progressive Metal
    For fans of: Faith No More | Naked City | Dog Fashion Disco | Opeth

    Ivan David – Vocals/Guitar
    Duncan Arkley - Bass
    Neil McLaughlin - Guitar
    Redd Reddington - Drums


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