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Oracle - Live At Bloodstock

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    RELEASE DATE: 28/11/18

    Saturday August 11th, the time ticking down to three o’clock in the afternoon. The crowds are gathering in front of the New Blood stage at the 2018 edition of Bloodstock Open Air. At three o’clock a young band from Northern Ireland are due on stage, a young band called Oracle. At three o’clock it will be their moment, their chance to blow minds and snap necks, their one opportunity to seize Bloodstock by the throat and shake it ‘til it bleeds. The seconds tick away and then in an explosion of guitars and attitude it begins... “alright Bloodstock, let’s see those fucking fists in the air...’No God Waits For You’!!!”

    Oracle owned Bloodstock that day; they came, they saw, they exploded on stage and left an indelible mark on the hearts, minds and memories of all who saw them. Vocalist Jason Kerr was a man possessed from the moment he stepped out in front of the Bloodstock crowd and the riffs from Connor McDonald and Jake Dornan just kept coming, a relentless onslaught of irresistible, gritty metal. Behind it all drummer Rhys Fraser and bassist Chief brought the thunder, crushing ribcages and imploding internal organs. Rock ‘n’ Load Magazine were in attendance, stage front, to see Oracle’s adrenalized performance and had this to say after the breathless sonic assault:

    “...they lit up the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock and brought the walls in on all around them, a tight performance and passionate crowd ensured this gig would be a memorable one. From front to back all embraced the chaos of Bloodstock and made sure this killer set would be one to remember.”

    From November 28th Oracle are offering those bruising Bloodstock memories to everyone, whether you were there, roaring in the pit, or not. Available directly from the Oracle Bandcamp page as a free digital download album, with exclusive cover artwork, Live At Bloodstock is the perfect memento for those who bore witness and as close as you can get to being there for those who missed out. Oracle’s savage performance on August 11th has been captured perfectly and Live At Bloodstock will stand forever as a testament to the moment their star began to rise.

    At the same time as the Live At Bloodstock album becomes available for free download Oracle will be streaming professionally shot video footage of their entire Bloodstock set as well. Head to the band’s Youtube page to witness their ferocious set in all its visceral glory – the perfect accompaniment to the album!

    Get Live At Bloodstock for FREE from Bandcamp.

    Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
    For fans of: God Forbid | Lamb Of God | Machine Head

    Jason Kerr - Vocals
    Connor McDonald - Guitar
    Jake Dornan - Guitar
    Chief - Bass
    Rhys Fraser - Drums


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