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Osmed - Territory Of Warfare

  • Osmed



    On the field of combat there is no time for thoughts of mercy, there is only steel and blood. Life or death decided in the moment between each intake of breath; morality, nobility, chivalry...all but deadly luxuries, leading to a second’s hesitation, an explosion of pain and a fall into eternal darkness. There can only be hack, cut, crush and kill, a continual, brutal repetition that earns the right to one more desperate gasp of air. Osmed are the sound of that primal struggle, the screams of triumph and dying and pain. Territory Of Warfare is their hymn to the final stand, to the one last kill, to the taste of blood and fear – their symphony of endless conflict.

    Spawned in the oppressive heat of Jakarta in 2009, Osmed began life as a traditional death metal band. However, while the passage of time mellows most bands, Osmed became ever more violent, adding impenetrable layers of brutality to their sound as they progressed. By the time their first EP, Ultimate Of Realms Ruination was launched at the world by Brute! Productions, Osmed had become a savage beast, a war machine of wicked intent. The EP made an immediate impact, landing in No Clean Singing’s top 15 EP releases of 2015, with the renowned site commenting on the, “...astonishing displays of blast beats, amazing guitar and bass, and great vocals that just fit perfectly with the music.” A two track promo followed in 2017, featuring the songs ‘Sanctity Of The Norm’ and ‘Human Case Hatred’ which saw Osmed’s descent into the depths of brutal death metal debauchery continue unabated.

    Then, as the ashes of 2018 cooled, Osmed unleashed their ultimate invocation of the godless slaughter of battle. Built upon blast beats like canon fire, the riffs rising from the visceral swamp of filth and gore like unholy reanimated corpses, songs like ‘Bloodshed’ and the born again in filth ‘Human Case Hatred’ are savage beyond understanding. This is your chance to embrace the wild, sadistic butchery of Territory Of Warfare as Brute! Productions summon the dogs of war once more. Forget the shining armour and colourful flags, forget heroism and selfless bravery...this is the reality of the fight, this is the mud, guts and blood of Osmed!

    “...they have created something unique and made me a fan for life.”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Disavowed | Devourment | Ingested | Disentomb

    Rio Pambudi - Vocals
    Bagus Wijie - Guitar
    Syarif Hidayatullah - Bass
    Nippo Prasetiyo - Drums


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